6 Diseases to stay away from sea crabs

Sea crab is an addictive seafood because the dishes made from crab meat are delicious and nutritious. However, because of the solder and fishy properties, sea crabs will really be the "reconcile" of some people, especially those who carry the following 6 diseases that need to be especially careful.


Sea crab meat can make your condition worse and even life-threatening if not careful. If you are a patient of colds, cough with phlegm, weak intestines or high blood pressure, you are best not to eat crab meat.

Skin diseases

Cua biển sẽ gây kích ứng da cho người mắc bệnh
Sea crabs will cause skin irritation for people with the disease

People with skin diseases should not eat the sea because it causes very strong skin irritation, which will make the disease worse. Therefore, if you have atopic dermatitis, sores or urticaria… it is best to stay away from this dish.

Spleen, weak stomach

The solderness of crabs can easily cause abdominal pain and diarrhea, so people with weak and sensitive intestinal tracts should not eat a lot of crabs.

Digestive diseases

Người mắc bệnh tiêu hóa cần hạn chế ăn cua
People with digestive diseases should limit eating crabs

Some diseases that are very resistant to crab meat and doctors recommend you not to eat sea crabs include gallstone disease, cholecystitis, chronic gastritis, duodenal ulcer or hepatitis.

Cold, cough, phlegm

The fishy nature of crabs will cause coughing and make colds worse. Therefore, if you are in the period of illness, please abstain from this crab meat dish to quickly end the disease.

Loose bowel movements due to insufficient yang qi

Tính hàn của thịt cua ảnh hưởng không tốt đến hấp thu
The solderability of crab meat has a negative effect on absorption

Because crabs have a salty taste, eating a lot will store cold in the body, damaging the yang qi of the stomach, adversely affecting the absorption and digestion of the stomach and intestines, thus making loose stools worse.

Hyperlipidemia and high blood pressure

Trong thịt cua chứa lượng cholesterol đáng kể
Crab meat contains a significant amount of cholesterol

For people with blood fat and high blood pressure should not eat a lot of crabs because crab bricks and crab meat are rich in cholesterol, which is not good for blood.

Note, for those who do not belong to the above cases, eating sea crabs also needs some notes such as: do not eat dead sea crabs because it will have good toxicity, do not eat cooked crabs for a long time because bacteria will invade Imported easily, in case of not eating all, must be carefully preserved, do not eat raw crabs because they are prone to extremely dangerous lung leeches and finally should not eat crabs with persimmons or marjoram.

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