7 simple trays of vegetarian rice to worship the full moon in July, easy to make at home

The vegetarian rice tray is an extremely important part of the full moon day in July. Refer to 7 simple and easy-to-make-at-home 7 trays of vegetarian rice offered for the full moon in July.


On the full moon day of July every year, every Vietnamese family prepares a tray of rice to worship Buddha and ancestors to show gratitude and gratitude to their superiors. It is also a food offering tray for the spirits and spirits to show compassion and mercy to lonely and stranded souls. Let’s refer to 7 simple vegetarian rice trays, easy to make at home.

1 Vegetarian rice tray for the full moon of July number 1

Rice tray number 1 includes the following dishes:

  • Vegetarian mixed vermicelli
  • Non-vegetarian
  • Eggplant with onion oil sauce
  • Salted melon
  • Moon cake with green bean jelly

Mâm cúng chay số 1 Vegetarian offering tray number 1

Mixed vermicelli often appears on the menu on holidays in Vietnam because vermicelli is very popular in our country. Stir-fried morning glory with garlic is extremely simple, easy to make, and extremely pure Vietnamese, suitable for putting on an offering tray. Besides, vegetable dishes such as eggplant with onion oil or pickled melon balance the taste. The dessert of moon cake with green bean jelly is attractive, refreshing, and interesting.

2 Vegetarian rice tray for the full moon of the month of July, number 2

Vegetarian rice tray number 2 includes:

  • Sour soup with mushrooms
  • Stir-fried vegetarian beef with lemongrass and chili
  • Vegetarian seafood spring rolls
  • Green bean shrimp
  • Mushroom cabbage
  • Mushroom teriyaki sauce
  • Sticky rice with coconut milk and white rice

Mâm cúng số 2 bắt mắt và hấp dẫn The number 2 offering tray is eye-catching and attractive

The second vegetarian offering rice tray has a lot of delicious mushroom dishes. Mushrooms are a familiar and popular ingredient when preparing vegetarian dishes because they are rich in nutrients and can be transformed into many different delicious dishes. Besides, sweet dishes such as coconut corn sticky rice or pomelo tea are fragrant, delicious, and greasy.

3 Vegetarian rice tray for the full moon of the month of July, number 3

This full-moon vegetarian rice tray includes:

  • Vegetarian spring rolls
  • Vegetarian green bean paste
  • Tofu covered with vegetarian sauce
  • Mushroom soup with lotus seeds
  • Pumpkin cake with green bean paste with coconut milk
  • Black sesame sweet potato cake

Mâm cúng rằm số 3 Full moon tray number 3

Vegetarian rice tray with harmonious colors, beautiful and full of nutrition. Tofu dish with vegetarian sauce is outstanding because of its unique shape, when you bite into it, you can see that the outside layer is crispy and fragrant, and the inside layer is extremely attractive. You can try lotus seed mushroom soup to feel the refreshing taste of summer. Dessert is sweet potato cake and delicious pumpkin pie.

4 Vegetarian rice tray for the full moon of the month of July, number 4

Vegetarian offering tray number 4 includes the following dishes:

  • Tofu with sacks
  • Tofu stuffed with lotus seeds
  • use with
  • Baro soup cooked with young tofu

Mâm cúng chay số 4 hấp dẫn Attractive vegetarian offering tray number 4

This 4th vegetarian offering tray is special because the main ingredient is tofu, extremely frugal, cooling, and beneficial for health. Although the menu has fewer dishes than the above offerings, it is still beautiful, delicious, and nutritious for the whole family. Vegetable salad will balance the taste, so you are not afraid to absorb too much starch in the meal.

5 Vegetarian rice tray for the full moon of the month of July, number 5

The vegetarian rice tray for the full moon of July, number 5 has the following dishes:

  • and boiled
  • Braised chicken thighs with soy sauce
  • Stir-fried sweet corn with oyster sauce
  • Stir-fried vermicelli with vegetables

Các món ăn với màu sắc hấp dẫn, thơm ngon Food with attractive colors, delicious

Worship tray number 5 is somewhat simpler but still full of savory dishes, soups, and sweet dishes. This time the main ingredients are vegetables to make the tray of rice more frugal. Five-color sticky rice is both interesting and delicious with the taste of sticky rice made from different ingredients such as gac, sticky rice, and pandan leaves, …

6 Vegetarian rice tray for the full moon of the month of July, number 6

The offering rice tray has dishes such as:

  • No fried lemongrass
  • Vegetarian spring rolls
  • Fried vegetarian spring rolls
  • Vegetarian fried angelica cotton
  • Vegetarian dumplings with steamed nuggets
  • Cauliflower and carrot soup

Mâm cúng chay số 6 Vegetarian offering tray number 6

Vegetarian offering tray number 6 has the appearance of a new vegetable called Thien Ly cotton. Natural cotton clears heat, detoxifies, nourishes the body, improves health, and treats insomnia very well. Steamed vegetarian dumplings with nuggets taste strange and delicious. It is indispensable for the delicious and greasy peanut sticky rice that makes you unable to stop chopsticks.

7 Vegetarian rice tray for the full moon of July, number 7

You can prepare the menu for this vegetarian rice tray as follows:

  • Vegetarian pomelo salad
  • Vegetarian brown rice mixed rice
  • Boiled bean sprouts
  • Bitter gourd soup stuffed with vegetarian tofu

Mâm cúng số 7 hấp dẫn với xôi vò và chè đậu trắng Attractive offering tray number 7 with sticky rice and white bean tea

The combo of sticky rice and white bean tea is truly unmatched. You will immediately fall in love with the sweet, supple, and fragrant taste of sticky rice and tea. Delicious vegetarian grapefruit salad, sweet and sour. Brown rice and vegetarian fried noodles are soft and fragrant, mixed with fresh vegetables. Bitter gourd soup will help you get rid of the bad things and bring health to everyone.

Above are suggestions for 7 simple vegetarian dishes for the full moon in July, easy to make at home. Hopefully, the article has given you many interesting suggestions to prepare a full and delicious full moon tray.