9 tips to boil the most delicious banh chung, green cakes, sure, for a long time

Boiling banh chung seems very simple, but to have a delicious, green and firm cake, not everyone can do it. GREEN Electric Machine gives you some tips to help you get a really delicious banh chung pot!


9 mẹo luộc bánh chưng ngon

1 Soak sticky rice in ash water

Ash water is also an alkaline environment, so after cooking, the sticky rice in the cake is cooked quickly and is very clear. This method can also be applied effectively with banh chung and many other types of cakes such as little cake, gai cake. Usually you soak sticky rice in ash water for about 3-4 hours or overnight.

Ngâm nếp qua nước tro

2 Use the leaves of the galangal tuber

Use crushed galangal leaves to mix with sticky rice water right before wrapping the cake, so the cake will have a bright green color from the shell to the filling and have a very special aroma again.

Dùng lá của củ riềng

3 Fresh lemonade

Squeeze a little lemon juice into the sticky rice before wrapping, so the cake will cook faster. But do not soak for a long time because the sticky rice may disintegrate into powder.

9 mẹo hay để luộc bánh chưng ngon ngày Tết

4 Use baking soda

When cooking, add a little to keep the leaves green and the cake also cooks faster, as well as when boiling vegetables, add a little pepper to keep the green color. Baking soda can be bought at a bakery store, this is not a toxic chemical, so you can use it with peace of mind.

Dùng baking soda

5 Blanch the cake wrappers in boiling water

The purchased dong leaves must be washed one by one through a lot of water, then wipe each leaf with a clean towel. Before wrapping the cake, the leaves must also be blanched in boiling water to make them soft and easy to pack, and at the same time help kill all the mold germs. The number of leaves wrapped in each cake must also be considered in the weather. In cool weather, 6 leaves must be used, while in hot weather, 10 leaves must be used for better preservation.

9 mẹo hay để luộc bánh chưng ngon ngày Tết

6 Wash the sticky rice thoroughly before wrapping the cake

Glutinous rice must be treated thoroughly through dozens of countries until the water is clear. Doing so to wash away all the dust and bran clinging to the glutinous rice grains, the cake will be clear and sour for a long time.

9 mẹo hay để luộc bánh chưng ngon ngày Tết

7 Use extra leaves to insert the bottom of the pot

When cooking cakes, use excess leaves to insert the bottom of the pot and around the inside of the pot to prevent the cake from burning , in addition, these leaves also make the cooking water greener.

8 Rinse with cold water

When cooking is half of the time, you have to take out the cake and wash it with cold water, change the water of the whole cake and then cook again, the cake will be greener and more delicious.

Rửa bánh đã luộc qua nước lạnh

9 Use heavy objects on the banh chung when cooking is over

Dùng vật nặng đè lên bánh chưng khi nấu xong

After the cake is boiled, put it on the table and then use a cutting board or a heavy board to press it out. This way, the cake will be firmer and last longer than usual!.

9 mẹo luộc bánh chưng ngon

Wish you have beautiful and delicious cakes for holidays and Tet!

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