Benefits and unexpected effects of longan fruit for health

Longan is a familiar fruit for everyone, easy to eat and buy, likes to eat longan, but not everyone knows about the effects of this fruit.


Besides, longan also has many , C, organic acids and has very good effects on health. But is eating a lot of longan good? Let's find out the benefits and harms of eating longan through the following article:

first Nutritional value of longan

Longan has a sweet taste, is average, the fruit is yellow-brown, the seeds are jet-black, and the rice is thick white covering the seeds. According to scientific research, longan fruit contains micronutrients such as: , , , , , , , sucrose, glucose. Specifically:

Nutritional ingredients Nutritional content
Calories 48
Country 86.3g
The protein 0.9g
Carbohydrates 10.9g
Lipids 0.1g
Fiber 1.0g
Calcium 21mg
Iron 0.4mg
Manganese 0.1mg
Magnesium 10mg
Phosphorus 12mg
Zinc 0.29mg
Sodium 26mg
Copper 150 μg
Vitamin B1 0.03mg
Vitamin B2 0.14mg
Vitamin C 58mg
Niacin 0.3mg

2 6 health benefits of longan

Good label for the nervous system

Longan contains many substances and other substances that help improve circulation and blood circulation to nerve cells, the active ingredients in longan help relieve stress, thereby helping to sleep better.

Labels help increase resistance

The abundant content in longan helps to improve the body's resistance , prevent high blood pressure and some cardiovascular diseases.

Labels help prevent some eye diseases

Longan contains high levels of good for the optic nerve, improves vision , limits eye fatigue and eye pain. Besides, the label also provides vitamin A to help bright eyes.

Nhãn giúp ngăn ngừa một bệnh về mắt Labels help prevent an eye disease

Labels good for bones

Longan contains many nutrients, especially copper and calcium in longan to help strengthen bones and joints , help bones grow, and prevent osteoporosis.

As we age, our bones become weaker and weaker, so it is necessary to supplement with natural calcium to help strengthen bones.

Labels help prevent anemia

Anemia has a cause, most commonly due to a lack of iron in the body, leading to anemia. Longan fruit contains a large amount of iron, which helps prevent anemia.

People who often suffer from anemia such as pregnant women, postpartum women, weight loss people, vegetarians, etc. So eat longan regularly to supplement iron for the body.

Nhãn giúp làm đẹp da Labels help beautify skin

Labels help beautify skin

Similar to green tea, the label contains many antioxidants, especially vitamin C, which has the effect of beautifying the skin and reducing swelling on the surface of the skin. than.

3 Side effects when eating a lot of longan

According to TS.BS Truong Hong Son, it is best to eat about 200g to 300g a day to provide enough nutrients for the body, if you eat too much, it will cause dangerous harm to health:

Eating a lot of longan causes heat in the body

Similar to lychee and durian, longan has a hot property, if eaten a lot, it will generate heat in the body, causing dry throat, mouth sores or acne .

Eating a lot of longan can cause miscarriage

For pregnant women from July to August, they should not eat longan , because longan is hot. If you eat a lot of longan during this time, it can easily lead to abdominal pain, bleeding, and even pregnancy.

Ăn nhiều nhãn gây tăng cân và tăng đường huyết Eating a lot of longan causes weight gain and increases blood sugar

Eating a lot of longan causes weight gain and increases blood sugar

The amount of sugar in 300g longan is equivalent to a bowl of rice, so if you eat a lot of longan, you will gain weight quickly and your blood sugar will also increase dangerously.

4 In case you should not eat longan

People with diabetes

The amount of sugar in the longan is quite high, if you eat a lot of longan, it will make your blood sugar rise suddenly , which is very dangerous.

Nhãn không tốt cho phụ nữ mang thai Labels are not good for pregnant women

Pregnant women

Longan is hot, so it is not good for pregnant women to cause heat in the body , abdominal pain, bleeding, fetal movement, affecting the health of the fetus and mother.

Obese people

Longan fruit contains a large amount of sugar, if you eat a lot of longan, it will provide a large amount of energy for the body, making obesity worse and worse.

Người bệnh tăng huyết áp không nên dùng nhãn Patients with high blood pressure should not use the label

Patients with high blood pressure

Longan has high thermogenic properties, if you eat a lot of longan, it will put pressure on the heart, leading to high blood pressure.

5 Frequently asked questions about longan

How many calories are in longan?

Longan is known as a fruit that contains many nutrients beneficial to health. According to the National Institute of Nutrition, in 100g longan contains about 48 calories . In addition, dried longan contains 80 calories and longan tea contains 256 calories.

See details:

100g nhãn có chứa khoảng 48 calo. 100g longan contains about 48 calories.

Can pregnant women eat longan?

Longan is a fruit containing abundant nutrients, bringing many health benefits. So can pregnant women eat longan? The answer is yes, pregnant women eating longan will bring a lot of good effects. These effects can be mentioned as: supplementing energy, reducing insomnia, reducing constipation, strengthening the immune system.

See details:

How to choose and preserve fresh longan?

Longan is a fruit that is both delicious and can be used to prepare many delicious dishes. To choose a delicious longan, you should choose fruits with whole bunches, fresh leaves, strong, green stalks, with the characteristic aroma of longan. Do not buy fruits that are too bright and shiny, or have dropped branches.

After harvesting, the label is damaged and dehydrated, the nutrients are also changed if the label is not stored properly.

See details:

Cách chọn và bảo quản nhãn tươi ngon How to choose and store fresh longan

Is it good to eat longan?

As mentioned above, longan has many health benefits. According to traditional medicine, longan has a sweet taste and warm nature, has the effect of nourishing blood, sedating, nourishing the heart and spleen, and absorbing the khan. Suitable for body recovery, people with depression, low blood qi, insomnia, anxiety, …

However, if you eat too much longan, it will cause the sugar content in the body to increase, not being able to metabolize it, causing an increase in blood sugar, which is extremely dangerous for diabetics. In addition, if you eat too much, you will easily get high blood pressure.

Nhãn có nhiều tác dụng tốt cho sức khỏe The label has many health benefits

Is it hot to eat longan?

Although longan is a fruit that brings many health benefits, it still contains many dangers if used inappropriately. As the above information, longan is warm and sweet, so eating a lot can cause heat, causing the body to have many problems such as acne, rash, discomfort. Therefore, doctors recommend eating longan at a reasonable and moderate level, about 1-2 times a week, no more than 300g each time.

Ăn nhãn nhiều có thể gây nóng Eating longan can cause heat

Hopefully, this article will provide you with a lot of useful information about whether it is good to eat longan and the two sides of the longan so that you can adjust the dose of longan just enough to be good for your health.

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