Chocolate and what you should know

Chocolate is a favorite food of many people and is also a wonderful beauty treatment. Chocolate is also used as a very meaningful gift during the holidays. However, many people believe that eating a lot of chocolate will cause obesity or harmful to teeth.


Chocolate is often present in every home. Does the calorie content in chocolate cause overweight and obesity? The following article of mine reveals to you interesting things from chocolate.

Sô-cô-la là món ăn được ưa chuộng nhất trên thế giới Chocolate is the most popular food in the world

Chocolate provides a lot of energy

With just one chocolate you have enough energy to walk up to 46m. The nutritional content in chocolate is quite high. To walk around the world, you need to eat 870,000 chocolates. However, whether chocolate causes overweight or obesity is still controversial. Some experts reject the idea that eating chocolate will cause overweight and obesity. Chocolate contains three fatty acids Stearic, Panmitic and Oleicz.Panmitic contains a lot of fat which can increase the amount of Colestoron, while Oleicz does not have much fat and will decrease the amount of Colextoron. Stearic, on the other hand, has no effect on the amount of Colextoron. So the effect of chocolate on your weight is completely neutral.

Sô-cô-la cung cấp năng lượng cao nhưng không hẳn là thủ phạm của béo phì Chocolate provides high energy but not necessarily the culprit of obesity

Chocolate has the effect of fighting stress and fatigue

When under stress, there's nothing better than eating plenty of magnesium-containing foods. Chocolate is a very high magnesium food. Whenever you work too hard, you feel anxious or stressed, use a chocolate chip, all fatigue will quickly disappear.

Sô-cô-la chống lại stress Chocolate fights stress

Dark chocolate is good for the heart

Chocolate has a great effect in curing blood pressure and preventing diabetes. People who regularly eat dark chocolate have lower blood pressure and better metabolism of blood sugar. Compounds in the composition of chocolate that are beneficial for the heart are called Flavanols. can help prevent destructive molecules that are the cause of heart disease and many other diseases.

Sô-cô-la đen tốt cho tim mạch Dark chocolate is good for the heart

Chocolate is also very good for teeth

Not everyone knows that eating chocolate is good for teeth. People often misunderstand that eating chocolate will cause tooth decay. However, chocolate has the ability to fight bacteria that exist in the mouth and prevent tooth decay.

Ăn sô-cô-la giúp bạn có hàm răng đẹp Eating chocolate helps you have beautiful teeth

Chocolate is the cure for spicy

One of the very interesting effects of chocolate is to cure the spicy in the mouth. When eating chili peppers with a spicy taste, chocolate is an extremely effective remedy for spicy. In chocolate with a high fat content, capsaicin is the substance that gives chili peppers its spicy flavor.

Calorie content in chocolate?

A pack of regular chocolate has about 240 calories, a bar of dark chocolate contains about 220 calories. However, you should not be too worried about the high calorie content of chocolate because eating a lot of chocolate will help you limit cardiovascular diseases.

Không nên quá lo lắng về hàm lượng calo có trong sô-cô-la Don't worry too much about the calorie content of chocolate

How to choose chocolate?

Flavanols in chocolate are heart-healthy compounds. However, not all chocolates have the same amount of Flavanols. Dark chocolate and cocoa are higher in Flavanols than white chocolate.

When choosing cocoa you must pay attention to its fermentation time. If the fermentation time is too long, the content of Flavanols will also gradually disappear.

Sô-cô-la đen và ca cao có hàm lượng flavanols cao tốt cho tim mạch Dark chocolate and cocoa are high in heart-healthy flavanols

Occasionally enjoying chocolate with friends and relatives brings you moments of relaxation and is very good for health. Chocolate is also known as effective beauty therapy because it is very good for women's skin. Do you know any other uses for chocolate? Please share the comments below the article!