Cook fast, healthy and delicious with the microwave

Sometimes it takes time to cook a meal. With the microwave, you can prepare your own dishes quickly and deliciously.


Defrost properly

Poultry meat is often frozen by housewives to keep food fresh for a long time. However, if you do not know how to defrost properly, the meat will lose its inherent flavor.

First, you need to set on the microwave the type of food to be defrosted is fish, meat, poultry or bread. Then you estimate the weight you want to defrost and choose the time, the microwave will do the defrosting for you.

Mỗi loại thực phẩm có mức rã đông khác nhau
Each type of food has a different defrost level

Easy steaming

Steaming is the easiest way to prepare food and is often applied to vegetables. But if you steam it incorrectly, the broccoli or cabbage dishes will be mushy.

When steaming, you do not need to add water to the vegetables or, if available, also add a very small amount so that the vegetables are not submerged and retain their flavor. You can use a special lid or food wrap to keep the heat better.

Có thể dùng nắp đậy chuyên dụng khi hấp rau củ
You can use a dedicated lid when steaming vegetables

Easy cleaning

You must regularly clean the microwave after each cooking.

But there is a type that can do this for you, the oven has an additional steam compartment inside to clean the microwave quickly and easily. You just need to add water and let the oven operate for a few minutes, then wipe with a towel to consider the microwave oven has been cleaned.

With the above methods, hopefully you have been able to know a few more useful knowledge to prepare yourself a quality meal, and at the same time store the microwave properly.