Foods that can be harmful when cooked in the microwave

Microwaves are used to prepare many dishes, but not all foods are good when cooked in a microwave. There are foods that are harmful to health when placed in the microwave such as breast milk, broccoli, defrosted fruit, etc., so it is necessary to carefully learn what foods should and should not be used before using.


Mother milk

Breast milk is very good for babies and young children, containing many antibodies to fight infections for babies in the first months of life. However, heating breast milk in the microwave increased E-coli bacteria that cause intestinal diseases, 18 times higher than when using conventional heating methods. In addition, heating breast milk in the microwave significantly reduces the activity of the enzyme system, and also produces harmful bacteria for the baby.

Hâm nóng sữa mẹ trong lò vi sóng có thể tạo ra những chất không tốt cho trẻ Warming breast milk in the microwave can create substances that are not good for the baby


You can still use the microwave to cook broccoli, however, cooking in the microwave will reduce the nutrients in broccoli. Microwave steaming alone will lose 11% of the antioxidants in broccoli, even if using a microwave to boil broccoli can lose up to 97% of beneficial antioxidants. .

Chế biến bông cải xanh bằng lò vi sóng có thể làm giảm lượng chất chống oxy hóa Microwaving broccoli can reduce antioxidant levels

Frozen fruit

Using a microwave to defrost fruit after taking it out of the refrigerator can convert beneficial glucosides and galactacsides into carcinogenic substances, so it is advisable to defrost fruit only naturally.

Lò vi sóng sẽ chuyển hóa các chất dinh dưỡng trong trái cây thành chất có hại Microwaves will convert the nutrients in the fruit into harmful substances

Food wrapped in plastic or in plastic containers

When you use the microwave to cook food placed in plastic trays, it can produce carcinogenic substances. Even plastic shells can release dangerous chemicals into the food.

Vỏ nhựa có thể tạo ra chất gây ung thư Plastic shells can create carcinogens


High temperature in the microwave can cause the spicy substance in chili peppers, capsaixin, to evaporate and escape.

Chất tạo cay trong ớt có thể khiến bạn khó chịu The spiciness in chili peppers can make you uncomfortable


The process of making bread in the microwave makes the cake dry and hard and also makes the cake lose its association with flour, so when eating, it no longer feels delicious. It is better to use it for baking.

Bánh mì sẽ không ngon nếu chế biến trong lò vi sóng Bread will not taste good if cooked in the microwave


It is best not to microwave water because during the cooking process in the microwave, water bubbles will form. When you take the glass of water out, these bubbles will break and shoot you, causing burns, very dangerous.

Đun nước bằng lò vi sóng rất nguy hiểm Microwave heating is very dangerous


Just like water, you should not put drinks such as wine, champagne … in the microwave because they can cause explosions and damage the oven.

Sâm banh có thể gây hại cho lò vi sóng Can Champagne Be Harmful to the Microwave?


Similar to bread, this cake should not be baked in the microwave because it quickly solidifies like ice, dries hard and loses all flavor.

Lò vi sóng sẽ làm bánh pizza kém ngon Microwave will make pizza less delicious


Grapes, whether fresh or dried, should not be microwaved as the grapes will explode during cooking and release a lot of plasma gas that can damage the oven. If desired, sprinkle a little water on the surface, cover with a plastic bag and microwave for 30 to 40 seconds.

Nho có thể gây nổ trong lò vi sóng Grapes can explode in the microwave

Using a microwave oven effectively and properly will help your food after processing be both delicious and not harmful to health. In addition to the 10 foods listed by , if you know more foods that should not be put in the microwave, please share so everyone can know and avoid!