Good tips for housewives (Part 2)

White radish eliminates the acrid taste of salted meat, low heat softens old chicken, peels raw shrimp just add alum, fried eggs want to be crispy and add cold water… Those are extremely simple tips to make housework easy. than whether you already know?


Some simple but effective tips to make your housework easy, fast and enjoyable. The following article of will give you some "small" tips but with great effects.

White radish eliminates the acrid taste of salted meat

Salted meat for a long time often has acrid taste, before processing meat, if you boil the meat with white radish, the acrid taste will be gone. If the outside of the meat has an unpleasant smell, just use water and add a little vinegar to wash off the smell.

Củ cải trắng khử vị chát của thịt muối
White radish eliminates the acrid taste of salted meat

How to tenderize old chicken

If old chicken is used to boil on high heat, it will be very tough. Before processing, you should soak the chicken in water, add a little vinegar, let it sit for about 2 hours, then use low heat to boil. After processing, the chicken will be soft and no longer chewy.

How to peel raw shrimp

Use alum dissolved in water, then soak the shrimp for a while. By doing so, the shrimp shell will peel off easily and will not stick to the shrimp meat.

Delicious and crispy fried eggs for extra cold water

Before frying the eggs, break the eggs into a bowl, then add a little cold water. Then the fried eggs will be crispy and extremely delicious.

Cho thêm nước lạnh trứng chiên sẽ giòn
Add cold water and the fried egg will be crispy

Boil eggs for vinegar to peel

When we boil eggs, if we pay attention to adding vinegar to the boiling water, the eggs will be easy to peel when removed.

Prevent milk from sticking to the pot when boiling

When boiling milk, we first rinse the pot with cold water and then boil the milk, the milk will not stick to the pot wall anymore.

Tráng nồi qua nước lạnh rồi đun sữa, sữa sẽ không dính vào thành nồi
Rinse the pot with cold water and then boil the milk, the milk will not stick to the pot wall

Salt can adjust the color of eggs

When using eggs to decorate dishes, if you need the color of the eggs to be a bit darker, just add a little salt to the eggs and beat them well, the finished omelette will be brighter than usual.

Cinnamon bark and branches can eliminate the fishy smell of shrimp

When we boil shrimp with boiling water, we add a few pieces of cinnamon to the water, so the fishy smell of the shrimp will disappear and this way will not affect the taste of the shrimp.

How to cut boiled eggs

When you want to cut boiled eggs into thin slices. You need to let the egg cool down and then cut it, in addition, if using a knife, you should rub a little more water on the knife, so the cut egg will be smoother and more beautiful. Alternatively, you can also use dental floss to cut eggs.

Muốn cắt trứng đẹp nên xoa ít nước lên dao
If you want to cut eggs beautifully, rub some water on the knife

Eliminate the bitter, acrid taste of North Thao eggs

Bac Thao duck eggs will sometimes have a bitter and acrid taste. You can add some vinegar and crushed ginger to the egg, the taste of the egg will return to normal.

How to cut northern herbs

After being peeled, if the egg is peeled, the yolk will stick to the knife, making it difficult to wash again, making the egg piece distorted. At this point, your solution is a nylon string or dental floss. You just need to wrap around the egg, then pull it evenly, the egg will be cut evenly without the yolk being damaged at all.

Nên dùng dây ni lông hoặc chỉ nha khoa để cắt trứng bắc thảo
Should use nylon wire or dental floss to cut the eggs

The simple tips that the article has just brought are interesting, aren't they? Have you tried any yet? Let know your results after applying these tips.

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