Good tips for housewives (Part 3)

Salt refreshes yellowed green leaves, cut onions and peppers, so put them in the refrigerator to reduce the spiciness, potatoes help reduce the saltiness of the soup.


When preparing food, especially with vegetables, if you know a few simple tips will help you make it faster and more enjoyable. The following article will give you some simple but extremely effective tips to make housework faster and more efficient.

Tips for sautéing vegetables

If you use animal fat to stir-fry vegetables, it is best to add salt to the pan and then sauté the vegetables, this can reduce the amount of harmful organochlorine that is left in the fat. If using vegetable oil for frying, you must also add salt first before adding vegetables, because in vegetable oil there may be a type of mold that can be killed by salt. In addition, to make stir-fried vegetables to taste, at first we should add a little salt, after the vegetables are cooked, add more.

Khi xào rau nên cho muối để giúp tăng độ ngon
When sautéing vegetables, you should add salt to help increase the deliciousness

Salt can make the leaves turn green again

Green vegetables such as spinach, turnip greens, water spinach… for a long time the leaves will be slightly yellow, but still can be eaten. Then when you boil it, add a little salt, the leaves will be green again.

The secret to cutting chili and onions without burning eyes

When cutting peppers, onions are often prone to stinging eyes. Before slicing onions, peppers in the freezer for a while or dipping a knife in cold water can also reduce the spicy taste that peppers give off when cut. In addition, you can also put a basin of cold water and cut and… dip the knife in like that has the same effect.

Cắt ớt và hành tây nên ngâm dao vào chậu nước lạnh
Cut peppers and onions, soak the knife in cold water

How to cure salty soup

If you accidentally add too much salt when cooking the soup, it will become salty, you can use a cloth or a sieve and then put a little cooked rice into the soup pot. The rice will absorb all the salt particles in the soup, helping to reduce the salty taste in the soup.

In addition, you can also put a few slices of potato in the soup and cook together. When the soup is cooked, take out the potatoes, the soup will also be less salty.

How to handle salty cooked food

When the food is salty, the best way is to add a moderate amount of sugar to help the food less salty. In addition, you can also add a little vinegar to the food or add a little white wine to the food to reduce the salty taste significantly.

How to make pickles less salty and spicy

When making pickles, if it is too salty or too spicy, you can chop the melon and then soak it in water with alcohol at the rate of 50%, the salty and spicy taste of the melon will be reduced, and the taste will be better. area more attractive.

Rượu giúp dưa muối bớt đi vị cay và mặn
Wine helps pickles reduce the spicy and salty taste

How to keep peeled carrots fresh

After peeling carrots, you put them in a dry container, then cover with a piece of wet towel, so they can be kept fresh for about 3 hours.

How to properly recover frozen onions

Onions are foods that should not be refrigerated. However, if you have accidentally frozen onions. You should soak the onion in cold water, then add a few grains of salt, leave for about 30 minutes, the onion will be fresh again.

How to treat itching after peeling taro or taro

Usually, when scraping taro or taro, hands often get itchy. If this is the case, you should keep your hands on the fire a little, the heat of the fire will help reduce the itching, or you can also soak your hands in a basin of warm water with a few drops of vinegar. If you don't like to apply the two methods above, you can also rub your hands with some wind oil, the effect is as good as the two methods mentioned.

Có thể dùng lửa hong tay khi bị ngứa do cạo vỏ khoai môn
You can use fire to warm your hand when itchiness from scraping the taro skin

How to stir-fry lotus root without darkening

When stir-frying lotus roots, lotus roots are often darkened, if you just stir-fry and add water, then when stir-fried, lotus roots will keep their original white color.

The simple tips that the article has just brought are interesting, right? Have you tried any yet? Let know your results after applying these tips.

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