Great tips for preserving spices in the kitchen

Spices are an indispensable part of cuisine to help dishes become more attractive and delicious, but if they are not stored properly, they will become dry, shriveled and make the dish unappetizing. So what should you do to keep spices for a long time in the kitchen? Please refer to some great tips that revealed right below:



Drying: According to folk experience, you use a knife to cut the chili peppers out, soak them in warm water and then dry them, when you eat them, just soak them in warm water and the peppers will be as fresh as they were at the beginning.

Store in : Cut the stalks of chili peppers, wash them, put them in a sealed container and then put them in the freezer. When eating, you just need to take it out, rinse with water, the chili will be soft again. This is the best way to store the chili because it will keep the chili fresh for a long time.

Making chili vinegar: This method will make the chili have a very specific taste. You cut off the ripe pepper stalks, wash and drain, use a needle to pierce many holes through the peppers and put them in a box. Then you pour vinegar to cover all the chili, smash a few garlic cloves on top and cover the jar, when eating can take out and use directly.

With dried chili and paprika, put it in a glass jar with a tight lid and keep it in a dry place, away from direct light so as not to spoil their characteristic flavor.

Bảo quản đúng cách sẽ giữ ớt được tươi lâu
Proper storage will keep chili peppers fresh for a long time


To keep onions and garlic fresh for a few days, wrap them in fresh vegetable leaves such as cabbage or banana leaves and store in a cool place. With dried onions and garlic, keep them in a basket or mesh bag to have a certain ventilation, do not put them in a sealed bag because it will make onions and garlic quickly moldy, also avoid placing in a humid place so that the garlic does not sprout. When you see damaged onions and garlic, you need to remove them to prevent them from spreading to other things.

For onions, wrap them in foil and refrigerate to keep them fresh longer.

Nên để tỏi ở nơi khô mát để tránh tỏi mọc mầm
Should keep garlic in a cool dry place to prevent garlic from sprouting


Ginger can be kept for a long time at normal temperature, in a clean and cool space. However, to keep the ginger fresh and delicious for a long time, you can wrap them in foil or bury them in the sand.

To store ginger in the refrigerator, you must grate fresh ginger root with a little salt, lemon juice, and sugar. Then, put this pureed ginger mixture into a clean jar with a tight-fitting lid that does not let air in and then put the ginger jar in the refrigerator. Crushed ginger will stay fresh for 6 months to a year.

Gừng có thể tươi lâu nếu để trong gian sạch và thoáng mát
Ginger can stay fresh for a long time if kept in a clean and cool space


With green pepper, you should store it for a short time in the refrigerator to avoid dehydration. It is best to eat immediately within a few days to avoid spoilage.

With dry pepper, to keep their aromatic and spicy taste, you should store them in a glass jar with a tight lid and keep in a cool place, can be used from 2 to 3 years. Only grind pepper with a moderate amount because ground pepper often loses its flavor over time.

Chỉ nên xay tiêu với lượng vừa phải để đảm bảo giữ được hương vị lâu dài
Only grind pepper with a moderate amount to ensure long-term flavor retention


Salt is an indispensable condiment in meals, but if left for a long time, they often become lumpy or watery. Very simply, put a piece of paper to absorb water at the bottom of the salt jar, to ensure that the salt will always be dry and easy to use.

Bảo quản đúng cách giúp muối không bị vón cục
Proper storage helps prevent salt from clumping


Vinegar needs to be handled with care because they are solvents that dissolve toxic substances in the container. It is best to store vinegar in glass, polyethylene (preferably white) and PET bottles.

Nên đựng dấm trong lọ thủy tinh
Vinegar should be stored in a glass jar


In order for lemons not to wilt and become bitter, you must know how to store them properly. With whole lemons, wash them thoroughly, drain them, put them in a plastic bag or sealed container, and then put them in the refrigerator. If you don't tie it tightly and just put it in the fridge, the lemon will wilt very quickly.

With half-cut lemons, don't throw them away and don't put them in the fridge right away. Put a little vinegar in a small bowl and then place the half-cut side upside down, ensuring the lemon will keep longer and can be reused next time.

Giữ chanh tươi lâu chỉ với những thao tác đơn giản
Keep lemons fresh for a long time with just a few simple steps


After buying green onions and not using them all, you can preserve them by cutting the roots, washing them, draining them, and then chopping them into small pieces and putting them in a sealed container, and finally storing them in the refrigerator. , can be taken out and used at any time. This method can be applied to coriander, dill… are fine.

Hành lá rửa sạch, cắt nhỏ rồi cho hộp kín bảo quản trong tủ lạnh
Green onions are washed, cut into small pieces and stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator

With just a few simple tips above, you will keep the spices fresh for a long time to make the dish more delicious and nutritious. If there are more ways to preserve spices, please share them!