Great way to eliminate the smell of good meats, every housewife should know

In the meals of Vietnamese families, there is always a variety of meat dishes such as fish, eel, pork (pork), beef, chicken, duck, lamb, goat, etc. How to get rid of the bad smell from the above meats? Let's go to the kitchen with Dien May XANH to learn about tips to eliminate odors from the above meats!


Độc chiêu trị mùi hôi các loại thịt

All dishes prepared with meat will lose its inherent flavor or will not be attractive if you deodorize it the wrong way or accidentally make it more fragrant during processing.

But please rest assured and calmly read the following deodorizing methods for each specific type of meat listed below:

1. Bathe pork (pork) through boiling water to deodorize meat

Pork is a familiar dish in every meal. Most meat bought in the market and processed immediately will not have a specific odor. But if you store it in to use gradually during the week, when you do not handle it well, the meat will easily stick to the smell and make the dish lose its taste.

Khử mùi thịt heo

To deodorize pork, you need to do the following: before processing into dishes, bare the pork in boiling water for about 3 minutes, then rinse the meat with cold water and then carry it out for further processing, the meat will not the smell will be gone and the food will taste better.

When making boiled meat, add a pounded onion to the boiling water, the onion will help eliminate odors very well. Besides, to avoid the smell, you should put a little white wine in the meat broth before taking out the meat, white wine will help remove the odor in the meat most effectively.

Don't forget to skim the foam often when boiling to help clean the meat and make it less smelly.

2. Use pureed roasted onion instead of garlic when marinating beef

Khử mùi thịt bò

Beef is a nutritious food, but for many people it has an unpleasant smell. A quick way to get rid of this smell is to use alcohol.

After washing the beef with water, you can rinse the meat with alcohol or soak the meat in alcohol for about 15 minutes. This will help reduce the odor in the meat and at the same time the meat will be softer and tastier.

While marinating the meat, instead of using garlic in the usual way, you can roast a dried onion, peel and pound the onion, then marinate it with the beef.

With large sliced stews, to eliminate the smell of meat, you put the meat in cold water and bring it to a boil (not to boil), then take it out and slice it to your liking.

3. Wine residue (ham) can easily deodorize goat meat

Khử mùi thịt dê

Method 1: Put goat meat cut into pieces in a pot of hot water, add a little wine residue (ham). The ratio is as follows: for every 500g of goat meat, add 500g of water and 25g of wine residue. Take out the boiling water, the goat meat will get rid of the smell.

Method 2: Wash goat meat with hot water, cut into large pieces and then add a moderate amount of flavoring (such as anise, cinnamon, pepper… – it is best to return anise and cinnamon), put both in the pot Boil until boiling, then remove the meat and the smell is gone.

Method 3: You just need to put a few peeled radishes, poke holes around the stem with a sharp toothpick and put them in a pot to cook with goat meat to help absorb the smell of goat meat.

Method 4: Add about a small handful of green beans to the pot and cook with goat meat, the smell of goat meat will disappear. Or you can replace green beans with tangerine or orange peel.

4. White wine effectively deodorizes lamb

Khử mùi thịt cừu

After washing the meat, use crushed ginger mixed with white wine to rub into the meat for about 15 minutes, then bring the meat to the fire until the outer layer of the meat is slightly yellow. Then use seasoning to marinate the meat according to the dish you want to cook. Usually, lamb has the strongest smell, so when preparing the dish, add chopped radish and vinegar. This way, the food not only gets rid of the smell but also tastes better.

5. Rub crushed ginger on chicken, duck before processing

Khử mùi thịt gà vịt

Chicken and duck often have a bad smell, so in the cooking process, if you do not know how to deodorize, the chicken or duck dish will lose its attractive part.

In order for dishes made from chicken or duck to not be smelly, before boiling, you should squeeze the meat with a little salt or crushed ginger, maybe a little white wine, about 5 minutes, then wash, drain, then boil.

Add a piece of crushed ginger to boil. Thus, chickens and ducks will no longer smell and your dishes will always be delicious and attractive.

6. Use rice water to remove the fishy smell of fish

Khử mùi tanh của cá hiệu quả

After you have cleaned the fish (remove gills, scale, cut fins, remove intestines) to reduce the fishy smell, you can use regular salt or granulated salt to rub on the fish.

For fish with a strong fishy smell, remove the black membrane and blood veins in the belly of the fish, then wash the fish thoroughly with clean water.

To be more sure, soak the fish in rice water or salt water for about 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water, the fish will be clean and remove the fishy smell.

7. Salt water and white wine can eliminate the smell of shrimps

When buying shrimp, after cutting off the antennae, tail, and washing, soak the shrimp in water mixed with salt and a little white wine, the shrimp will be less fishy, then take out the shrimp to drain. With this method, when processed into dishes, shrimp will lose their fishy smell and remain crunchy.

Khử mùi khai của tôm hiệu quả

8. Lemon juice effectively eliminates the fishy smell of eel meat

Khử mùi thịt lươn

Eel cleans the slime by brushing with lemon juice or rice water. Do not use vinegar, because vinegar will make the eel lose its distinctive flavor. When viscosity is no longer seen.

You can also put hot water in so that the eel kicks on its own to clean the oil. When the eel is clean, open the abdomen, remove all the internal organs, and rinse with salt water to clean.

Steam the cooked eel and then remove the meat, if you want to get it quickly and get it all, use a bamboo kidney, or a spoon to remove the meat. Absolutely do not touch the water when the eel is cooked, as long as you accidentally let the water get on the meat, the eel will be very fishy.

Above are some tips to help eliminate the fishy smell of meats, making your meal more complete and delicious. Do you know a better way to do it? Please share with Dien May XANH right below in the comments! Good luck!