Highlight the "cabinet" tips to choose to buy fresh seafood

Seafood is an extremely rich, delicious and nutritious food source. However, recently impregnating urea and chemicals into seafood has made many people afraid and choosing fresh seafood is not an easy thing. DienmayXANH.com would like to send you some tips to choose to buy fresh and safe seafood.


How to choose to buy oysters, snails…

Fresh mussels, the shell closes tightly, if it is open, it closes quickly if you touch it, the water in the intestines is much and clear, the smell is a bit fishy. If the shell is rotten, the shell will open or close, touch it when it is open, the shell will close slowly and it will die, the water in the intestines is little and cloudy, and the smell is rotten.

When fresh snails are fresh, the snail's body stays tightly in the shell or crawls out of the shell and moves quickly, when touching it, it quickly enters the shell, the scales are close to the outside of the shell, when touching it, the reflex closes. When snails are rotten, the body lies in the shell into a soft mass, the scales are deeply indented into the shell.

Cách chọn mua sò, ốc…

How to choose shrimp

Delicious shrimp body must be firm, the shell is still hard, clear white, not opaque or turning red or yellow. The head is firmly attached to the body, the legs and legs are still intact, there is no fishy, rancid smell.

– Lobster: Those with clear green and shiny shells are fresh and delicious.

– Shrimps: Shrimps also jump and crackle, have pinkish white color, blue eyes.

– Black tiger shrimp: Has a smooth glossy shell, waves between the fresh and clear shrimp body.

Should not buy shrimp that has turned dark pink, the head and claws leave the body, with a rancid smell, the shrimp has been kept for a long time, is not delicious and very dangerous, easy to be poisoned.

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How to choose to buy crabs

Sea crabs are classified into 3 types, including: brick crabs, meat crabs, and water crabs. In particular, the way to buy brick crabs and meat crabs is to press the crab bibs with your hand, if the bibs are hard, the crabs have a lot of meat.

You can also observe the claws of sea crabs with the naked eye, if you see the more succulent, the crabs are spongy and not delicious. Delicious sea crabs looking from the outside will see a dull gray shell, large bibs.

Should choose really fresh, look that the bib is still firmly attached to the body, legs and the stronger and more flexible the movement, the spines on the claws and crab shell are still sharp.

Cách chọn mua cua

How to choose to buy crabs

There are many types of crabs such as red crabs, three-pointed crabs, green crabs… but the most delicious, meaty and nutritious crabs are still green crabs.

– Do not choose too large children, moderate children will have more meat and better taste.

– Choose the ones that are really firm, with an adult's hand, click on the bibs to not sink.

– If you like to eat crab meat, then choose a male, press your hand close to the bib (under the breast, near the paddle foot), if it is not concave, it is a firm crab.

– If you like to eat crabs with bricks, choose your children. These are slightly yellow in color, their legs are very tight, not soft or slightly concave.

Should choose crabs with red bibs, slightly yellow colored bricks, the legs of crabs when squeezed firmly, not soft, fresh crab legs will contract but not stretch.

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How to choose ink

To choose fresh squid, you should choose the one that is big, thick, white, and the meat is not crushed.

Cuttlefish: should choose the one that is big, thick, milky white, firm flesh, not crushed, the brown membrane surrounds the outside, the squid beard is hard.

Squid: Choose the one with light pink flesh, the head is still attached to the body, the squid beard is hard, the ink bag has not been broken.

Less fresh squid is the ink that has turned slightly ivory, the meat is pasty, the head is not attached to the body, the smell is very fishy.

Cách chọn mực

Above are the secrets to choosing fresh seafood, ensuring safety for health. If you have any more experiences or tips to choose fresh seafood, please share with us !