How many parts does the shrimp body have? Detailed structure of shrimp body

Shrimp is a close animal, a nutritious ingredient in family meals. Have you ever wondered how many parts the shrimp body has? Let's find out together.


Shrimps are familiar with family meals with many nutritious ingredients. The shrimp body is very familiar, but how is the detailed structure of the shrimp body, how the parts of the shrimp play a role, let’s see.

1 About shrimps

is a crustacean with ten-legged crustaceans. Shrimp are mostly omnivores living in the water, including in seawater such as, ..; species that live in freshwaters such as crayfish and brackish water such as crayfish.

Loài động vật giáp xác nhiều dinh dưỡng Crustaceans are rich in nutrients

Shrimps crawl on their feet in the water, they stay on their feet to swim, and especially swim backward by bending over to have the ability to bounce back in some cases of escape. Except for the species of shrimp that live parasitically with snails, most shrimp have the same structure.

Tôm khua chân để bơi The shrimp swings its legs to swim

Shrimp’s food is plants and animals. At dusk is the time when shrimps start to feed. With olfactory cells on long antennae, shrimp can perceive food from a great distance.

Most species of shrimp are a rich source of food for humans, especially seafood.

Tôm với nhiều chất dinh dưỡng Shrimp with many nutrients

2 How many parts do the shrimp body have?

The external structure of shrimp

The shrimp body shell is composed of chitin, chitin is one of the characteristic components of the skeleton of animals, including shrimp. Shrimp shells are tough due to the addition of calcium, protective effects, and helping muscle development. In addition, the shrimp shell contains pigments that make shrimp change according to the environment.

The shrimp shell acts like an exoskeleton made of chitin and calcium, so the shell is strong, with the task of protecting, sheltering, and clinging to the development of the muscle system. The composition of the body shell also contains pigments that make shrimp shells have different colors depending on the color of the environment.

Cấu tạo bên ngoài tôm The external structure of shrimp

The internal structure of shrimp

The body of shrimp as well as crustaceans is divided into two parts: the head and thorax (below the head and thorax) and the abdomen.

Head-chest part

This is the center of prey orientation and capture.

Includes 2 pairs of antennae that hold the function of smell and touch with single eyes, and compound eyes.

Around the shrimp’s mouth is the foot of the jaw or the organ that catches the prey of the shrimp. The remaining 5 pairs of legs are for crawling, including 2 pairs with pliers.

Phần đầu tôm Shrimp head

Shrimp belly

The abdomen studied is the center of movement of the shrimp in the water, with a swimming or recoil mechanism by bending the body towards the abdomen. The structure of the abdomen is also very simple. Includes two plate-shaped swimming legs, and especially the last pair that has the main function of dividing into 2 branches that both fan and act as a rudder.

Phần bụng tôm Shrimp belly

3 Delicious dishes from shrimp

Shrimp is a very nutritious ingredient for Vietnamese family dishes. It is processed in a variety and attractive way, not only keeping the sweetness and freshness of shrimp but also bringing a different flavor to each dish.

With a good nutritional composition for the body, shrimp is chosen as the raw material for protein and calcium supplements for health.


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Above is an article by us introducing how many parts the shrimp body has. What is the detailed structure of the shrimp body? Hope the article helps you have more knowledge and know more delicious dishes with shrimp.