How to choose clean cooking oil and use safe oil

The fact that more than 700 tons of dirty oil is recycled by a company in Taiwan and exported to more than 12 countries, including Vietnam, has made housewives extremely confused because cooking oil is an indispensable condiment in food. daily food preparation. To properly use clean and safe cooking oil, consumers should note a few things below:


The harm of dirty oil and how to recognize it?

Cooking oil is usually made from essential oils of plants such as peanuts (peanut), sesame, canola, olive or animal fats such as pigs, chickens, cows… These cooking oils are registered and controlled. by the health food regulatory authorities.

Dầu thực vật
Vegetable oil

However, there are some profit-seeking establishments that have processed oil from kitchen waste, sewers, animal skins… this oil is very toxic and has appeared on the market recently.

Một cơ sở tư nhân ở Trung Quốc nấu dầu ăn từ nước thải nhà bếp
A private facility in China cooks cooking oil from kitchen wastewater

Studies have shown that if ingested, this oil will cause mild to severe poisoning, cardiovascular complications, high blood pressure and cancer. The person who prepares this oil when frying at a temperature of over 180 0 C, if inhaled, the gas can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain, shortness of breath…

It is dangerous, but it is difficult to identify dirty oil because the oil is odorless and tasteless and the color is not much different. Especially when buying ready-to-eat fried foods, it is really difficult for consumers to recognize whether the food is made from dirty oil or not.

Khó có thể nhận biết dầu bẩn bằng mắt
It's hard to tell dirty oil with your eyes

That's why experts advise that, in front of a diverse market of oils, consumers should only believe in products that have been tested for safety, famous brands and have high-tech production processes. Do not buy liter, canned oils without labels of origin.

Không sử dụng các loại dầu ăn không nhãn mác
Do not use unlabelled cooking oils

Need to pay more attention, some cooking oils from peanuts, sesame, beans, olives… if you are observant, you can still notice the characteristic aroma.

Chọn dầu từ các hãng uy tín, có nhãn mác rõ ràng, được kiểm định chất lượng
Choose oils from reputable brands, with clear labels and quality control

How to use cooking oil safely?

Once you have bought a clean oil, how to use it safely for your health is also very important.

Use vegetable oils instead of animal oils. In vegetable oils, there are two very important unsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6, because the human body cannot synthesize them. They have the effect of lowering cholesterol, low blood pressure.

However, if the content of these two substances is not balanced, it will be harmful. The ratio of 4:1 (content of omega 6 to omega 3) is considered the absolute ratio. Any oil that achieves this ratio is a good oil. Excess omega 6 will increase the risk of breast cancer, colon, atherosclerosis, prostate… even inhibit omega 3. Therefore, consumers when choosing cooking oil , it is necessary to choose products with a balanced ratio between these two unsaturated fats. However, you should not eat too much vegetable oil to make the body excess.

In addition, to choose safe food, consumers when choosing to buy vegetable oil should choose a liquid oil containing a lot of unsaturated fatty acids in the following order: olive, sesame, corn, sunflower, bean soybeans, palm. In some cases, manufacturers mix oils together, so when buying, consumers can try by putting the oil in the refrigerator. If any oil is solidified or creates a solid residue, it means that it contains a lot of saturated fatty acids, which is not good for health.

Oil should not be used at high temperatures. High temperature not only destroys nutritional components in food, but also produces peroxide and other substances harmful to health. Therefore, it is best to use moderate heat when cooking, especially when frying, so that the food is cooked through and the oil does not burn.

Chiên thực phẩm ở nhiệt độ vừa phải
Fry food at a moderate temperature

After all, any oil that is fried at a temperature above 180 0 C will be oxidized and degraded. The vitamins and some nutrients in the oil are destroyed, there will be some substances harmful to health and there are food residues after the cooking process that are invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, it is absolutely not advisable to use oil that has been fried repeatedly and foods fried by this oil.

Không dùng dầu ăn và thực phẩm chiên bằng dầu chiên đi chiên lại nhiều lần
Do not use cooking oil and fried foods with fried oil over and over again

Users should also store cooking oil in a cool place, away from heat and light sources. In addition, cooking oil can be stored in crockery jars, clean, dry glass bottles with tight lids. If there is water in the jar, outside water gets in, or bacteria and air get in, which will cause the cooking oil to spoil quickly. Cooking oil should not be stored in metal jars as they often cause the oil to spoil.

Hopefully some of the above information will help consumers no longer be confused in choosing food for their family. If you have information about this content, please share it with .