How to choose delicious hot peppers without trying

Chili is one of the familiar and important spices when cooking. How to choose delicious hot peppers without trying in just a few easy steps.


appear in many dishes of Vietnamese families. You can see chili used to enhance the flavor of dips such as chili fish sauce, chili salt … or stir-fried dishes, grilled dishes also have the appearance of chili to make the dish richer and have a more specific flavor. .

Choosing the right chili pepper is quite complicated, but let's see how to choose hot or non-spicy peppers below.

first Nutritional value and effects of chili

Nutritional value of chili

Chili is a common spice in many Vietnamese family meals, making the dish more stimulating and delicious. In 100g of chili contains about 39 kcal, in addition to many other substances such as:

  • 0.4g
  • 9mg
  • 322mg
  • 9g
  • 1.5g
  • 5g
  • 1.9g
  • 143.7mg
  • 1mg
  • 0.5mg
  • 23mg
  • 14mg

Giá trị dinh dưỡng của ớt Nutritional value of chili

Health benefits of chili

Prevent stomach and prostate cancer

According to some studies, in chili peppers contain a lot of capsaicin, which has a good effect on patients with prostate cancer or stomach cancer.

In Oriental medicine, the pungent and hot taste of chili peppers will have many health benefits, namely the production of endorphins, which have good pain-relieving effects and prevent cancer.

Support in the treatment of diabetes

Through a study in Australia, people who eat hot peppers regularly will be able to control blood levels, which is beneficial for people with diabetes.

In a statistic, people who ate chili regularly had a 60% reduction in blood sugar compared to people who rarely ate hot peppers, so this is a good spice for people with diabetes.

Tác dụng của ớt đối với sức khoẻ Health benefits of chili

Effective pain relief

In addition to being an anti-cancer agent, capsaicin also helps relieve pain with the ability to act almost like a local anesthetic . When eating hot peppers, pain will not be transmitted to the nerves, so you will reduce unpleasant pain.

Weight control

Thanks to the spiciness, when eating chili peppers , the body's heat will be burned down and the need for water will increase , from which the excess calories will be strongly promoted.

Not only that, when eating spicy, drinking a lot of water will create a feeling of fullness for a long time, reducing appetite . At the same time, when eating spicy will stimulate the brain, causing the nervous system to send signals to the kidneys and secrete fluid to burn part of the fat, helping to reduce the risk of obesity.

2 How to choose delicious hot peppers without trying

The darker the color, the more spicy

If you have the same type of chili, if two peppers have different colors, choose in the following way: Choose dark green peppers if you want to eat spicy , vice versa choose mild and light green ones if you want to eat spicy. Want to eat less spicy or use for cooking, frying, stir-frying.

Similarly, ripe red peppers are more pungent than light red peppers.

Màu càng đậm càng cay The darker the color, the more spicy

The more curved the chili, the spicier

If you want to choose hot peppers, choose curved peppers, the greater the curvature, the higher the spiciness.

In contrast, small and straight peppers are the ones with lower spiciness.

Quả ớt càng cong càng cay The more curved the chili, the spicier

Look at the outside appearance

If you want to buy hot peppers, choose ones with long and thin skins because these are more spicy than regular round and thick fruits.

Nhìn hình dáng bên ngoài Look at the outside appearance

3 Note when eating chili and how to store it

Note when eating chili

When it has a pungent taste, so this is a spice that not everyone can eat, some cases should be noted when eating chili such as:

  • Do not eat a lot of chili , it will affect the stomach, cause loss of taste due to numbness, affect the taste of dishes.
  • Do not eat chili on an empty stomach , should eat starchy cakes before eating chili to reduce the danger to the stomach.
  • Should eat spicy food when cold will avoid damage to the stomach, nasopharynx, esophagus, burning tongue, …
  • Cooking chili peppers before eating will reduce irritation of the oral mucosa, limiting bloating, indigestion, and abdominal pain.
  • Should be eaten alternately with other dishes to reduce the harmful effects of the spicy taste from chili.
  • To cool down, reduce the spicy taste, you can drink , , cooling tea, herbal tea, … after eating chili.

Lưu ý khi ăn ớt Note when eating chili

How to store chili?

Store in the freezer

The easiest way is to put it in the freezer to preserve it for a long time.

Step 1 When you buy or just picked chili peppers, you should cut off all the stalks, wash and dry them.

Step 2 Then you put the chili in a sealed lid or plastic bag and put it in the freezer. When you need to take it out for processing, wash the chili with clean water until the chili is soft.

Bảo quản trong ngăn đá tủ lạnh Store in the freezer

Preservation by drying

In addition, if there are too many chili peppers, you can also preserve them by drying.

Step 1 Wash, cut off the stalks of chili peppers and then use a knife to cut along the seeds to remove the seeds.

Step 2 Soak chili peppers in warm water for about 10 minutes, then take them out to dry in the sun.

Step 3 After the chili is completely dry, put it in a container, cover it, and put it in the refrigerator to use it gradually.

Bảo quản bằng cách sấy khô Preservation by drying

4 Delicious dishes made from chili

Beef dipped in chili

Beef dipped in chili is a specialty dish of the Central region, different from the normal way of cooking, chili dipped beef has a simpler way of processing but the flavor will surely make you fall in love.

The dish has an eye-catching red color, when enjoying, you will dip it in until cooked, beef mixed with a delicious, spicy and spicy chili sauce .


Bò nhúng ớt Beef dipped in chili

Chili bamboo shoots

Chili bamboo shoots with a sour, spicy taste will be an effective side dish to help fight boredom for greasy meals.

Crispy crunchy with sour taste and extremely beautiful color, bamboo shoots also do not have a bitter taste if cooked properly, so it will be very delicious.


Măng ớt Chili bamboo shoots

Grilled fish with salt and pepper

It is a kind of fish with delicious, sweet meat, when used as a grilled fish with salt and pepper, it will be much more attractive.

Grilled pomfret has a crispy yellow color, fragrant soft meat with a rich, spicy taste that stimulates the taste buds , making family meals more delicious.

Reference: Trick you how to make grilled pomfret with salt and chili flavor, bold flavor

Cá chim nướng muối ớt Grilled fish with salt and pepper

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