How to choose delicious, sweet, no-spraying star gourds

Gourd is a delicious and nutritious food. Let's learn how to choose delicious, sweet, and non-smoked star gourds through the following article!


Star gourd is one of the most loved because of its delicious and nutritious taste. Let's discover how to choose the gourd so that it is delicious and safe for health through the article below of Bach Hoa Xanh.

first Nutritional value and effects of star gourd

Nutritional value of star gourd

Gourd star is a familiar vegetable to many Vietnamese families, often used to cool off on hot days or processed into a lot of vegetables.

According to nutrition experts, 100g of star gourd contains the following nutritional content:

  • : 0.2mg
  • : 0.02mg
  • : 0.4mg
  • : 12mg
  • : 0.03mg
  • Water: 95%
  • : 0.5%
  • : 2.9%
  • first%
  • : 25%
  • : 21mg
  • : 0.034mg
  • : 0.7mg

Giá trị dinh dưỡng của bầu sao Nutritional value of star gourd

Health benefits of star gourd

  • Good for the digestive tract: Due to the high fiber content, star gourd is very good for the digestive tract, laxative, it is suitable for those who are prone to constipation. In addition, the high water content in gourd also contributes to the balance of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, thereby contributing to improving the function of the digestive tract.
  • Good for the heart, blood pressure: Star gourd contains many powerful substances such as vitamin C, which is quite high to help fight inflammation and increase the immune system . At the same time, it enhances blood vessel dilation to help blood flow, balance blood pressure as well as reduce blood content, preventing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Effective weight loss support: Saponin is an active ingredient that helps control body weight by suppressing appetite, it is abundant in gourd combined with fiber, water, and sufficient content, so it is very suitable in food. weight loss menu.
  • Stabilize sleep and reduce stress: In the star gourd also contains quite high choline, this is a substance that helps to stabilize the spirit, reduce stress, and help sleep well.
  • Improve liver function: Gourd is cool, rich in water, vitamins and minerals, so it has the ability to effectively clear heat, it is very good for the liver in cooling the liver, protecting the liver as well as eliminating toxins, helping to improve liver function. for bright and smooth skin.

Bầu sao có nhiều lợi ích đối với sức khỏe Gourd has many health benefits

2 How to choose a delicious and sweet gourd

Choose a young gourd

Delicious star gourd, you should choose young gourd, when eaten, it will have a pleasant, soft sweet taste. When buying, choose a fruit with a large stem, a new plastic stain, a straight shape, and a fluffy, heavy hand.

Chọn quả bầu non, khi ăn sẽ có vị ngọt thanh dễ chịu Choose a young gourd, when eaten, it will have a pleasant sweet taste

Observe the gourd shell

Click on the gourd to see a soft shell, avoid buying old gourd gifts, the fruit looks big but doesn't feel heavy, has no fluff as well as avoids the fruit being bruised or bruised.

Quan sát vỏ bầu Observe the gourd shell

3 Note when eating star gourd and how to preserve star gourd

Note when eating pregnant stars

  • Gourd has a cool, cold nature, so it is not for those who are suffering from a cold stomach, flatulence, it will make the condition worse.
  • Should not be 3 meals a week, it is best to eat a combination of many other vegetables to balance, receive rich vitamins and nutrients.
  • If you eat a gourd that has a bitter taste , it is likely that the gourd has Cucurbitacin poisoning. If your body is healthy, it can eliminate Cucurbitacin on its own, but in more severe cases, you will experience nausea and abdominal pain.

Lưu ý khi ăn bầu sao Note when eating pregnant stars

How to preserve gourds?

You wrap it with paper or put it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator if you have taken it out and can't eat it all, you can consume it in 2 days.

If not cut, store should be cool, avoid sunlight.

Cách bảo quản bầu sao How to preserve gourds?

4 Delicious dishes made from gourd

Star gourd soup with mussels

Star gourd has a sweet taste, combined with mussel meat will increase the rich flavor of this gourd soup. Moreover, the soup is very easy to make, just cook the meat broth and then bring it to cook with the gourd, soft gourd meat, and the fragrant broth makes everyone like it.

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Quả bầu sao có vị ngọt thanh, kết hợp với thịt hến sẽ tăng lên hương vị đậm đà Star gourd has a sweet taste, combined with mussel meat will increase the rich flavor

Stir-fried star fruit with garlic

In addition to the soup, the sauteed garlic gourd is equally delicious. Stir-fried gourd with garlic has simple ingredients, the way to make it is not difficult, just fry and then add the pre-prepared part of the star gourd and stir-fry together to complete. The stir-fried dish is simple but delicious, and it is very cool, very suitable in hot seasons.

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Món bầu xào tỏi có nguyên liệu đơn giản, cách làm không khó Stir-fried gourd with garlic has simple ingredients, it's not difficult to make

Stir-fried star fruit with dried shrimp

Stir-fried dried shrimp with dried shrimp is also quite easy, suitable for hot weather It is also quite easy to stir-fry dried shrimp with dried shrimp, suitable for hot weather, stir-fry only needs to be prepared with gourd after preliminary processing, then Stir-fry together, season with necessary spices to complete. Stir-fried dishes are delicious, nutritious and very easy to eat, making everyone addicted to eating.

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Bầu sao xào tôm khô Stir-fried star fruit with dried shrimp

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Above are the things about the star gourd and its uses, how to choose a delicious gourd. Hope this article will give you more useful and interesting information.

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