How to choose to buy safe fresh shrimp, not chemically pumped

Shrimp is a nutritious and delicious dish, easy to eat and easy to prepare. However, fresh seafood of all kinds in general or shrimp in particular are very easy to go bad or be injected with chemicals that produce toxins when processed, posing a danger to health. GREEN SHOP will give you tips on buying fresh and safe shrimp.


first Nutritional value and effects of shrimp

Nutritional value of shrimp

In general, shrimp is low in calories but rich in nutrients. This type of seafood is mainly composed of protein and water. In addition, shrimp also contains other minerals that are good for health. On average, 100 grams of nutrients in cooked shrimp are:

  • Calories: 99.
  • : 0.3 grams.
  • : 0.2 grams.
  • : 189 milligrams.
  • : 111 milligrams.
  • 24 grams.
  • , ,, ,…

Giá trị dinh dưỡng của tôm Nutritional value of shrimp

Health benefits of shrimp

  • 100g of shrimp contains 200mg of calcium. It should also be noted that the main source of calcium in shrimp is concentrated in the flesh, legs and nails, not in the shell as is commonly thought.
  • Shrimp has a large amount of omega 3 , which helps the brain develop better. In addition, for adults, omega 3 is equally important, helping to fight depression and fatigue , and helping to rejuvenate the skin.
  • 100g of shrimp contains 0.0115mg of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that plays a very important role in biochemical metabolism and energy inside the body. Responsible for nucleotide and protein synthesis
  • 100g of shrimp can provide the body with more than 1/3 of the required amount of selenium per day, helping the body to eliminate and remove heavy metals from our body more easily.

Tác dụng của tôm đối với sức khoẻ Health benefits of shrimp

2 How to choose safe fresh shrimp, not chemically pumped

Observe shrimp legs

Fresh shrimp often have transparent legs, sticking to the shrimp body. The shrimp legs are black and loose, indicating that the shrimp has gone rotten.

Phần chân tôm bị thâm đen, lỏng lẻo chứng tỏ tôm đã bị ươn.

Observe the shrimp body and shrimp head

Fresh and chemical-free shrimp have a slightly curved body, stretchy flesh but not abnormally stout, shell joints on the shrimp body are flexible, not disjointed, shrimp head and shrimp body stick together, shrimp head is not fall out of the shrimp body.

Quan sát thân tôm và đầu tôm

Avoid buying unusually stout shrimp, the shrimp body is stretched.

Observe the tail of the shrimp

Fresh shrimp usually have the tails folded together. If the tail is spread out, the shrimp has been injected with chemicals or injected with water to make the shrimp fat.

Nếu đuôi tôm bị xòe ra thì tôm đã bị bơm hóa chất

Observing shrimp shells

The shell of fresh shrimp is hard, transparent, sticking to the shrimp meat.

Vỏ tôm tươi cứng, trong suốt, dính sát vào thịt tôm

Depending on the type of shrimp, the shell has a characteristic color such as the shell of cotton lobster which is often blue and has brown and black patterns, the iron shrimp shell is brown, the shrimp's legs are red, the tiger shrimp's shell is turquoise, the shrimp's shell is white. transparent pink, red legs…

Avoid choosing shrimp with a shiny or rough shell, abnormal color or yellowish, milky white because it is rotten shrimp, shrimp contaminated with chemicals.

Tránh chọn tôm có phần vỏ bóng nhớt hoặc sần sùi, có màu bất thường

Cook shrimp to recognize fresh shrimp

Fresh shrimp when cooked does not release water or very little water, shrimp meat is still firm, not shriveled, delicious and sweet.

Note: To avoid buying spoiled shrimp, shrimp contaminated with chemicals, you should buy raw shrimp that still snap or if you buy frozen shrimp, you should buy it at supermarkets or establishments that ensure prestige and quality.

3 Note when eating shrimp and how to preserve shrimp

Note when eating shrimp

Shrimp is nutritious for the body, but don't eat too much. Adults no more than 100 grams per day and children no more than 50 grams of shrimp. Since shrimp are seafood, only steamed or boiled shrimp should be used to minimize the number of insects and parasites that cause poisoning.

Newborn women can also have indigestion and easily form keloids, so shrimp should also be limited.

Should not be eaten with vegetables, stalks, fruits with a lot of vitamin C because when vitamin C meets toxins, shrimp will release toxins and cause food poisoning.

People with pink eye, and people with asthma who do not, have a cough should eat shrimp because they can cause irritation and make the condition worse. If you are allergic to shrimp, never eat even a small amount.

How to preserve shrimp?

After buying shrimp, you cut off the antennae, wash and dry. Prepare a food storage tray or box. Arrange the shrimp neatly inside. The final step is to put them in the freezer. When processing shrimp, take a sufficient amount and put it in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 hours. Alternatively, you can wait to defrost overnight for processing the next day.

Cách bảo quản tôm How to preserve shrimp?

4 Delicious dishes made from shrimp

Fried shrimp

Deep fried shrimp is an extremely attractive dish, delicious and easy to prepare. The breaded shrimp is deep fried, keeping the original freshness. You can serve with spicy chili sauce. If you don't know what to cook for the whole weekend, you can refer to this delicious dish!

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Tôm chiên xù Fried shrimp

Shrimp with Thai sauce

Shrimp in Thai sauce is a famous street food in Thailand. If you miss the taste of this dish but can't go to Thailand, here's how to make Thai shrimp sauce. Bach Khoa GREEN firmly believes that you will not be disappointed with this attractive dish!

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Steamed shrimp with lemongrass

Steamed shrimp with lemongrass is an ideal choice that is both delicious and easy to make. What are you waiting for, do not start doing it right away. Don't forget to add a cup of sweet and sour fish sauce or chili salt to dip. When you make this dish, everyone will surely love it!

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Like other foods, shrimp also need to be carefully selected when buying. Follow our new articles to quickly update the tips for choosing safe food.

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