How to cook and preserve rice so it won't go stale when left in the hot season

The weather in the hot season is easy to make fast food go rancid if not stored properly, especially cold rice. The following article will tell you a few tips when cooking rice as well as how to preserve it so that you don't waste any more rancid rice.


Làm sao để cơm lâu thiu?

1 Note to cook rice for a long time

To cook delicious and long-lasting rice, you need to note a few tips:

– Remember to wash the pot and lid before cooking rice, pay attention to wash all the rice clumps on the bottom and lid of the pot.

– Add a pinch of salt when washing the rice.

– You can also cook rice with a little salt, similar to cooking sticky rice. This not only makes the rice more flavorful, but also preserves the rice for a longer time.

– If you do not use salt, you can add vinegar to the rice cooker when cooking at the ratio of 2 ml of vinegar to 1.5 kg of rice. Make sure that the rice when finished cooking will be white and stale for a long time.

Cách nấu cơm không bị thiu khi để lâu trong mùa nóng

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How to properly store rice?

– Store in the refrigerator : you should put leftover rice in an airtight container and place it in the refrigerator. When it's time to eat, just take it out and steam it again.

– Store in a cool place: Be careful not to let other dishes stick to the rice. You just need to put the rice in a cool place, cover it with a basket, do not cover it tightly in the box or leave it in the pot, otherwise the rice will be steamed and quickly stale.

3 Some ways to re-steam cold rice

After the storage period, to steam rice again as delicious as hot rice, you can try the following:

– Steam with : Put the cold rice in a bowl, put it in the rice cooker and then put a little water in the pot. Then turn on the cook button and wait for the rice to be hot and delicious as before.

Cách nấu cơm không bị thiu khi để lâu trong mùa nóng

– Steaming with: You can also put cold rice in a glass bowl, cover with food film and put in a microwave to make the rice taste as good as freshly cooked.

Cách nấu cơm không bị thiu khi để lâu trong mùa nóng

– Steaming with steam : In addition to the two ways above, we can put cold rice in a steaming basket like steaming cakes, remember to add a little salt, after a few minutes you will have delicious, rich rice like the original.

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