How to cook fish without fishy?

Fish is a food that contains many nutrients and is very good for health, but not everyone knows how to kill fish so that the fish meat is no longer fishy so that the dish is more delicious. Let's go to the kitchen to learn how to cook fish without fishy with Dien May GREEN!


1 Let's start with cleaning the fish

– To keep the fish clean, remove the internal organs, remove all the scales, unless you want to leave the scales to cook some deep-fried dishes, keep them. Continue to remove the fins and most importantly clean the blood + opaque white membrane in the abdomen.

– For snakehead fish, carp, mackerel, etc. The two sides of the fish you notice will see a white vein, this fiber will make the fish smell fishy, so when you do it, remember to cut close to the gills to see the sugar. If that tendon is exposed, take it out so that the fish will have less of a fishy smell when processing.

– Types of brackish water fish, catfish such as howling fish, catfish, basa, eel… you should use kitchen ash, rub on the fish to remove mucus. In case there is no kitchen ash, you can boil some water in a hot place, then sprinkle it on the fish and then use a clean razor, this method both helps to remove mucus and helps to remove the fishy smell of the fish, very effective. fruit.

Note, fish after preliminary processing, if not processed, you can also store it for later use. But remember not to leave it for longer than 48 hours, the fish meat will not be delicious anymore.

Hãy nhớ làm sạch bên trong bụng cá để cá bớt tanh

2 Use salt water or rice water

– To get rid of the fishy smell of fish, you can use salt water or water to wash rice, which will also have a good effect. Proceed as follows:

– After cleaning, you can soak the fish in diluted salt water or rice water for about 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water, the fish will reduce the fishy smell.

– Some fish have a lot of fishy smell, rub the salt on the fish, then rinse with clean water, the fishy smell will also be significantly reduced.

Chà xát muối vào cá để mùi tanh giảm đi đáng kể

3 Use lemon and vinegar

Lemon and vinegar are also very useful ingredients in getting rid of the fishy smell of fish. Mix a little cold water and vinegar, put the cleaned fish in and wash it again, the fish will quickly reduce the fishy smell.

You can also dilute the lemon juice, soak the fish in it for a few minutes and then clean the fish as usual. This is very useful with catfish because it also helps to remove mucus. Note that you should not soak for too long or the skin will be cooked.

Chanh có tác dụng khử mùi tanh của cá hiệu quả

4 White wine, have you thought about it?

After cleaning the fish, use diluted white wine to marinate the fish meat for about 2 minutes and then dry it, the fish will be less fishy. Besides, when preparing steamed fish, add a little white wine to the steaming water, the alcohol vapor will make the fishy smell of the fish fly away.

With marinated fish meat, you can also add a little white wine, this not only takes away the fishy smell but also helps the fish to be cooked soft and the meat is very delicious.

Một ít rượu trắng pha loãng sẽ giúp món cá của bạn hết tanh và thơm ngon

5 Spices

The spices in the kitchen have a very effective anti-fishy effect, you should use pepper, onion, chili, ginger, celery … to reduce the fishy smell. If you don't mind the smell of laksa leaves, you can rub them with fish, which is also very effective to remove the fishy smell.

Some types of sour taste like tamarind, crocodile, star fruit… cooked with fish also reduce the fishy smell a lot. In case you want to make fried fish, you soak the fish in a little fresh cow's milk, the fish when processed is not fishy and has a delicious taste.

Sử dụng gia vị có mùi thơm để cá thơm ngon hơn rất nhiều

A small note for you is that dishes from fish whether fried, braised, steamed or cooked in soup… should be enjoyed while still hot. This not only brings deliciousness, but also helps you avoid the fishy smell of the dish when it cools.

Wish you have delicious fish dishes and don't forget to share your impressions with Dien May XANH below.