How to distinguish Hung Yen and Chinese longan simply

How to distinguish which is the Chinese label from the Vietnamese label? Let Bach Khoa GREEN suggest you a few tips to distinguish this fruit!


first Uses of longan

Công dụng của quả nhãn

Longan is a fruit that has a sweet taste and is loved by many users. This fruit contains many essential vitamins and minerals, helping to provide nutrients for the human body. In addition, longan is also beneficial in helping to cure stomach diseases, good for the nervous system, improving blood circulation effectively…

2 Get to know the Chinese label

Cách nhận biết nhãn Trung Quốc

Chinese longan uses chemicals in the production and preservation process, so the longan is large, the skin is thin, and the leaves are also bigger and thicker.

The pulp of the Chinese longan is quite thick and has very large seeds. Chinese longan has a mild sweet taste and does not have the characteristic aroma of longan.

Because of the use of preservatives, Chinese longans are often pale in color, the outer shell is clean and beautiful, but quickly darkens.

3 Recognizing the Hung Yen – Vietnam label

Hung Yen longan is known as one of the most popular fruits because of its rich sweetness and characteristic aroma of longan.

Cách nhận biết nhãn Việt Nam

To know that it is Hung Yen longan (cage longan), you need to know the following 5 characteristics:

  • Size: Nested labels are usually relatively uniform in size. Each fruit is quite heavy, about 45-50 fruits/kg.
  • The bark and leaves: The bark of Hung Yen longan is usually dark yellow, smooth and fresh for a long time. Meanwhile, Chinese longan has a thin shell, larger and thicker leaves, this type of ring often uses preservatives , so it is faster and more damaged. Thai longan is also impregnated with preservatives, easily softened, the skin is thin and easy to separate, soaked in water is immediately damaged.
  • Longan pulp and seeds: Longan pulp is thick and dry , Chinese longan pulp is thick but watery. Longan longan has 2 quite different folds, this is a distinctive feature of Hung Yen longan. The pulp of the longan has wrinkles, dark brown seed balls, weak adhesion between the seeds, seeds and shells.
  • The pulp of Hung Yen longan is quite thick and dry, the seeds of the longan are small but not succulent. At the bottom of the longan, there are two chestnuts that are nested very tightly, so they are easier to recognize than other types of longan.

Cùi nhãn lồng có hai dẻ xếp rất khít nhau - đây là đặc điểm mà chỉ riêng nhãn lồng Hưng Yên mới có. The longan pulp has two very close-fitting chestnuts – this is a feature that only Hung Yen longan has.

  • Taste: Hung Yen longan is dry, has a characteristic but gentle aroma. Longan is crunchy and fragrant. The Chinese longan is sweet but dark and strong.
  • About the season: Hung Yen longan only lasts for 1 month, from August 20 to the end of September , so if outside this time the market advertises, it may be a fake cage label.

Nhãn lồng

4 How to buy delicious, safe longan

Bí quyết chọn mua nhãn tươi, ngon

  • If you want to buy fresh, safe, chemical-free longan, you should choose to buy longan that is cut with both branches and leaves with fresh and hard longan branches. Do not choose to buy longan that has fallen branches or has a clean, shiny surface because it may be a label that uses preservatives.
  • Or you can also taste the label to choose to buy. Only choose to buy longan with sweet taste and characteristic aroma of this fruit to avoid confusion. And after buying, you should wash the label with diluted salt water to remove harmful substances.
  • If you want to buy fresh and safe longan fruits, you should only choose to buy them at reputable fruit stores and supermarket systems. Because the products sold at these locations have all been tested for quality, health safety as well as clear origin.

Hopefully with the small things that we have shared above, you will recognize and choose to buy good quality longan. Good luck!

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