How to limit leftovers?

Leaving leftovers is a waste of time. Therefore, refer to the methods below, you will make the most of the food you use every day.


Use leftovers as soon as possible

Processed food cannot be kept for long. They will gradually lose their taste and nutrients. Therefore, you need to use them as soon as possible. Even if you try to store them in, they can't be eaten for a long time.

Sử dụng thức ăn thừa càng sớm càng tốt
Use leftovers as soon as possible

Arrange the food in the refrigerator properly

Don't stuff your food in the fridge, arrange it wisely instead. Put foods that have a long shelf life inside and foods that quickly go bad on the outside. That way, you won't forget the expired food.

Sắp xếp lại đồ ăn tủ lạnh cho hợp lý
Rearrange the food in the fridge properly

Understanding portion sizes

The amount of food to fit the portion is the most important. It helps you eat just enough but still not be overweight. When preparing a new dish, you should read the recipe carefully. Because the recipes of the dish have instructions with how many people to eat. There is also another point of attention, children always want you to cook a lot so that they can eat as much as they want, but in fact they can't eat much.

Trẻ con thường đòi nấu nhiều nhưng lại ăn ít
Children often ask to cook more but eat less

Plan on using leftovers

When the food is still uneaten at home, you should reduce the amount of food you buy when you go to the market. In addition, you can still use the food that was not used up in the previous meal to cook the next dishes for the next meal. For example, leftover braised meat can be combined to stir-fry with fried rice or leftovers can be used to make soup.

Sử dụng thức ăn thừa để chế biến món mới
Use leftovers to make new dishes

Don't buy if you don't really need it

Before going to the market, you should make a list of the ingredients needed to cook the dishes of the day. Avoid being greedy but buying more unnecessary ingredients will lead to excess. And the important thing is that you should think about how to make the most of the ingredients you have at home before thinking about buying more.

Chỉ mua khi thực sự cần thiết
Only buy when absolutely necessary

Learn how to make fertilizer from waste

Instead of dumping leftovers in the trash, use them to make fertilizer for your plants. As a result, you do not need to spend extra money on buying fertilizers, and you can take good care of your plants.

Saving is something everyone needs to do. With the above methods, hopefully you will no longer have to waste food in your family.