How to make strawberry juice with a blender

Strawberries are not only high in nutrients, but they will also help keep your skin smooth and youthful. However, not everyone likes to eat fresh strawberries but prefers the cool taste of strawberry juice. The following article of will show you how to make strawberry juice with a simple and convenient blender.


Dâu tây có tác dụng tốt cho cơ thể
Strawberries are good for the body


– 700g strawberries (should choose fresh ripe red fruits, not crushed with green stalks and calyxes, should not choose green ones or white spots)

– 2 fresh lemons (should choose a lemon with a glossy skin to squeeze a lot of juice)

– 500ml of filtered water

– 50g sugar (depending on your taste you can add more or less sugar)

– 1 slice of fresh lemon

– Tools: blender, glass and filter rack

Nên chọn dâu tây tươi ngon chín đỏ
Should choose fresh red ripe strawberries


Cách làm nước ép dâu tây bằng máy xay sinh tố Step 1: Strawberries are washed thoroughly, then you cut off the stem and green calyx, let it drain and proceed to cut it into small pieces. Note: Do not cut strawberries first and then wash them because if you do, the nutrients in strawberries will be reduced
Cách làm nước ép dâu tây bằng máy xay sinh tố Step 2: Put the strawberries in the blender, add 500ml of filtered water, then add lemon juice to taste.
Cách làm nước ép dâu tây bằng máy xay sinh tố Step 3: After grinding the strawberries, we use a filter rack to filter the strawberry residue, to obtain pure strawberry juice.
Cách làm nước ép dâu tây bằng máy xay sinh tố Step 4: Put the juice in a glass, depending on your taste you can add a few teaspoons of sugar and then stir well, you can also add ice and drink to cool, and also don't forget to add a slice of fresh lemon on the rim of the glass to be able to decorate because the drink has a more beautiful part.

Strawberries provide a sizable amount of immune-boosting vitamin C as well as powerful antioxidants, beneficial for the digestive system and helping to lower cholesterol. In addition, strawberries also contain essential nutrients such as Potassium, Vitamin K, Omega-3 … to help your skin become smooth and full of vitality.