How to properly drink turmeric powder you may not know

Understanding the benefits that turmeric powder brings to health, many people have been racing to hunt for this product to drink and use every day. However, if you do not pay attention to drinking turmeric powder properly, it is easy to cause unpredictable consequences. Let's go to the kitchen now!


1. What is turmeric starch? How to distinguish turmeric starch and turmeric powder?

Turmeric starch is the final product after screening the fiber, removing impurities and separating the essential oil from turmeric powder – which is made from fresh turmeric.

In addition, people also use nanotechnology in the production of turmeric starch to create turmeric starch with the highest nutrient content possible.

Tinh bột nghệ là gì?

2. Consequences of drinking turmeric in the wrong way

Turmeric powder brings positive effects to the health of drinkers such as:

  • Helps to lose weight effectively
  • Good support for the digestive system
  • Control your diabetes
  • Support for the treatment of arthritis
  • Liver purification

Tinh bột nghệ mang lại hiệu quả tích cực cho sức khỏe

No matter how good turmeric starch is, if you use it in the wrong way, it will also affect your health such as:

  • Excessive use: makes the body easy to have diarrhea, heat in the body, or sweat a lot, …
  • Do not add multivitamins (especially piperine) to enhance the absorption of nutrients from turmeric.
  • Do not pay attention to subjects using turmeric starch. For example, women who are menstruating, have menorrhagia or are taking blood-related drugs, should not use turmeric. Because it will be the cause of hemophilia due to the acid and resin in turmeric.

dùng sai cách tinh bột nghệ ảnh hưởng đến sức khỏe

3. How to drink turmeric properly?

Choose the time to drink turmeric

  • Should be taken in the morning.
  • Drink about 15 minutes before meals.
  • If taken after a meal, it takes more than 1 hour to drink.
  • If taken after a snack (usually called a snack), about 20 minutes.

Làm sao để uống tinh bột nghệ đúng cách?

Adjust the amount of turmeric starch consumed

You should only use about 2 mixed turmeric powder per day.

Because if used in excess, the body will be affected by the side effects of turmeric such as diarrhea, iron deficiency (for those who are sensitive), nausea, etc.

Điều chỉnh liều lượng tinh bột nghệ tiêu thụ

Avoid taking drugs

Although turmeric is effective for health, you should avoid using it during the use of western medicine. Because it can affect the production and function of red blood cells in the blood.

Tránh dùng tinh bột nghệ chung với thuốc tây

Avoid using it when suffering from blood-related diseases

When suffering from blood-related diseases, including women during menstruation or menorrhagia, should avoid drinking turmeric. Because turmeric starch has the effect of making blood circulation.

Tránh dùng tinh bột nghệ khi bị bệnh liên quan đến máu

Choose the right type of turmeric powder

Currently, there are 3 types of turmeric starch:

  • Yellow turmeric starch: extracted from yellow turmeric; the faint smell of turmeric; mild bitter taste.
  • Red turmeric starch: is extracted from turmeric with yellow-orange, red-yellow colors; slightly strong turmeric smell; slightly bitter taste.
  • Black turmeric starch: extracted from black turmeric root (called Nga Truc); slightly pungent smell; bitterness.

Chọn loại tinh bột nghệ phù hợp

Each type of turmeric starch will be suitable for different audiences and for different uses, so you need to pay attention to choosing the right type of turmeric powder, which is also one of the ways to drink turmeric properly!

chọn loại tinh bột nghệ phù hợp để uống

For example People with diseases related to the intestines and stomach should drink black turmeric powder – mixed with honey and warm water) before meals. Because black turmeric stimulates the digestive system and increases the tone of the digestive tract, and the amount of Curcumin is also less than that of yellow turmeric, it will have a gentle effect on the digestive system.

If you want to beautify, you should choose yellow turmeric because of its more Curcumin content – meaning it promotes faster skin beautification.

chọn tinh bột nghệ phù hợp để chữa bệnh, làm đẹp

Hope the above sharing will help you understand the right way. Don’t let your ignorance cause unwanted consequences!