How to prune Mid-Autumn Festival fruits and display a tray to break the full moon festival in August

The Mid-Autumn Festival tray cannot be complete without beautiful pruned fruits, creating cute and funny animals for children to break the feast on the full moon day.


Every full moon in August is indispensable to creating a happy mid-autumn atmosphere for the children. Especially on the tray when decorated with animal shapes, lovely objects will help children enjoy and have more fun. Let’s find out how to prune Mid-Autumn Festival fruits and display the Mid-Autumn Festival tray right here with us!

1 Create an owl with an apple

Tạo hình con cú bằng quả táo Create an owl with an apple

You need to prepare 2 green fruits, 2 seeds or seeds to make the owl’s eyes, 1 small slice to make the owl’s mouth, and to fix the position.

One is used for the head, the other for the body of the owl. Cut the owl’s head into two small slices so that the white flesh of the apple is exposed in the shape of a heart, intersecting to form a raised line.

Next, you cut two small holes in the middle of the cut, attach raisins or black beans to make eyes, cut a small slice of carrot into a triangle, and attached 1 cm between the eyes. The apple slices are cut, you cut them into a triangle and attach it to the top of the owl’s head to make the ear.

For the other apple, you cut into two slices that are just opposite each other, use a toothpick to fix the two apple slices just cut to the sides to make wings. Use a toothpick in the center and then secure the top of the apple and complete the apple-trimmed owl.

2 Shape a crab with an apple

Tạo hình con cua bằng quả táo Shape a crab with an apple

With just a green apple and a small black bean, you can create a beautiful crab.

First, you cut the apple into two halves but leave a space in the middle, do not cut into the intestines, half leave the whole, the other half you cut into thin slices. In the part of the intestine, you cut the two ends with apple flesh to create the crab claws. Then you arrange the parts together to form a green apple crab.

3 Make a turtle with an apple

Tạo hình con rùa bằng quả táo Make a turtle with an apple

You need to prepare 1 red apple with a slightly long shape and a knife with a small head specializing in fruit trimming.

You cut the apple in half, half used for the turtle shell, then you trim the hexagonal ridges. The other half you use as the body of the turtle, trim the head, and add 4 legs and a tail. Use a toothpick to fix the two apple parts together to complete the turtle with a red apple.

Good tip:
– When choosing apples, you should choose those with beautiful glossy skin, not scratched or black, squeezed lightly, not too soft to avoid those that have been long, no longer fresh, eaten will be pale.
– Depending on each apple variety, there will be a separate size, with green apples, you should not choose too large fruits, you should only choose fruits that are suitable for your hand, heavy and firm in your hand. With red apples, apple color is the most important, so choose darker varieties, apples will be sweeter and crisper.

4 Make a bear from an orange

Tạo hình chú gấu từ quả cam Make a bear from an orange

You prepare 1 yellow-orange, cut the top of the orange a little bit to cut out the inside of the orange, being careful not to crush the intestines. The orange peel you cut into the shape of a bear, then cut the intestine into small pieces to fit inside the trimmed orange peel.

5 Make a butterfly from an orange

Tạo hình con bướm từ quả cam Make a butterfly from an orange

With this shape, you need to prepare 3 – 6 fruits and 1 yellow-orange. Yellow-orange, you slice and then trim back into triangular slices. 3 grapes you fix together in a vertical row with toothpicks. For every 3 grapes, you add two triangular slices of orange in the middle of the second fruit to make wings.

Good tip:
– Delicious oranges are quite dark in color, but the color is not too uniform, the fruits with too uniform color are often dyed. Should choose medium-sized oranges, holding them firmly in the hand, the smell of oranges is still fresh, and the peel is not crushed or too soft to hold.

6 Trim the bowl and the decorative bird from the pineapple

Cắt tỉa tô đựng và chú chim trang trí từ quả thơm Trim the bowl and the decorative bird from the pineapple

You need to prepare a large fruit, with a fresh green stem. Pineapple you cut a quarter of the fruit including the roll, cut off half of the leaves, leaving only half of the leaves at the top, and the pineapple flesh attached to the roll you trim into the shape of a bird’s head.

For the fragrant body, you cut the meat out, leaving the empty shell intact. The flesh is separated from the pineapple you cut into small pieces and then put back into the empty intestine.

Use a toothpick to fix the bird’s head made from the fragrant roll onto the fragrant body to complete the finished product.

Good tip:
– To choose fresh, delicious, ripe sweet fruits, you need to choose ripe yellow fruits that are evenly planted in the eyes, the fresher the leaf color, the better it will be, and the more water it will be.
– Should choose the fruits that are heavy and firm in the hand, with a faint sweet aroma, lightly pressed, the aroma is slightly soft, ie the pineapple is ripe, do not choose the hard fruit, the pineapple will be quite sour.

7 Trimming a mouse from a grapefruit

Cắt tỉa con chuột từ quả bưởi Trimming a mouse from a grapefruit

It’s not too difficult to create a mouse with a grapefruit. You just need to prepare 1 large fruit and then draw a mouse on the rind, then trim it according to the drawn picture. Prepare 3 more longan beads to decorate the eyes and nose, 6 toothpicks to make the mouse’s beard.

Good tip:
– To choose a delicious pomelo, you need to look closely at the skin of the grapefruit, the skin of the grapefruit is glossy, the thorns are even and big, and the grapefruit is ripe, firm, and sweet. Grapefruit with a fresh stem is a new pomelo, do not choose a grapefruit with a dried stem, this is an old grapefruit, grapefruit cloves are easy to dry, and no longer succulent.

Above are the ways to cut Mid-Autumn fruits and display the tray to break the full moon in August with familiar fruits such as apples, oranges, and pineapples, .. Wish you success and follow us to receive more. many useful tips for life!