How to remove duck feathers very clean, effective deodorization, saving time

With just a few good tips, you can pluck duck feathers quickly, and effectively eliminate odors. The following article will guide you how to do it, please refer to it!


1 How to choose a duck that is delicious and easy to pluck

Choosing duck is an important step because if you choose the right duck, the processor will not have to work too hard in cleaning the feathers because the duck down will be less.

According to experience, it is advisable to choose an adult male duck (not too young, not too old) because the duck meat is delicious, firm, not mushy, especially duck down is also less so it is easier to clean.

Chọn mua vịt trưởng thành

However, you should not choose old ducks because when eating, the meat will feel residue, not as fragrant as adult duck meat, old ducks will often have small and hard beaks.

The following factors will help you determine which is an adult duck:

  • The rump of a male duck will be smaller than that of a female duck because they do not have to lay eggs.
  • Male ducks will have a loud and slightly hoarse call, clear eyes and light brown color.
  • If you press on a male duck's genitals, a small tube will appear.
  • Young ducks usually have a small body, thick but sparse wing feathers, and a large and soft beak.

2 How to make duck feathers fast and clean

Manual hair removal with vinegar or white wine

Vặt lông vịt với giấm và muối

Vinegar and white wine help to remove hair quickly and remove the roof quickly, the way to do this is as follows:

Step 1 : After cutting the duck's blood, dip them into a basin of cold water so that the water is evenly absorbed all over the duck's body.

Step 2 : Next, you take out the duck and sprinkle some vinegar or white wine on the duck and let it sit for about 10 minutes. This is a very important secret to make the feather cleaning process easier.

Step 3 : Prepare a large pot of water (about 80 degrees Celsius) and then dip the duck in. Normally, people still dip ducks in boiling water, however, this inadvertently makes the plucking process more difficult. Therefore, you should only dip the duck in warm water.

Step 4 : You proceed to pluck duck feathers. Note, when plucking, remember to rub your hand close to the skin and in the direction of hair growth to be able to clean all the fluff.

Step 5 : After cleaning the duck's feathers, you should take white salt and crushed ginger and gently rub it on the duck's skin, then wash it several times with clean water to remove the odor.

Use papaya leaves to pluck duck feathers

Dùng lá đu đủ để nhổ lông vịt

Papaya leaves are one of the folk ways to deodorize and pluck duck feathers easily.

Step 1 : Crush papaya leaves, then put in a pot of water, bring to a boil. After the duck is cut, dip it in cold water to evenly wet the feathers and skin.

Step 2 : Take out the duck, sprinkle some white wine or rice vinegar, so the duck itself, leave it like that for 10 minutes.

Step 3 : After the water boils, use this papaya leaf broth to dip the duck in. Dip in for a few minutes, if the feathers on the wings are easily pulled out, then pick up the duck and proceed to make feathers as usual.

Step 4 : When plucking duck feathers, you need to rub your hands close to the skin, down in the direction of the hair growth so that the fluff is cleaned and faster. With this simple way of plucking duck feathers, you will easily clean the duck's fluff, even the clumsy bride will succeed.

Feather removal with duck feather plucking machine

Picking duck feathers by hand can cause scratches to the skin, making it lose its aesthetic and attractiveness when processing. The chicken feather plucker will support you in this case so you can rest assured to clean duck meat quickly and effectively without scratching the duck.

Vặt lông bẳng máy vặt lông vịt

The duck feather plucking machines are equipped with natural rubber knobs that are extremely elastic, tough and soft, helping to clean the feathers without affecting their skin.

Besides, each machine can pluck the feathers of 2-4 ducks in one go and it only takes about 1 minute for each such plucking.

3 Eliminate the smell of ducks

Ducks often have a bad smell and the main cause of unpleasant odors is the fishing float – where the oily glands of ducks, swans, and chickens are concentrated. After plucking the feathers, cut open the abdomen, remove the entrails, and fish. In case you want to keep it, cut off the yellow lump above the fishing float.

In addition, you can also combine vinegar and salt to eliminate the smell of duck. The housewife mixes this mixture in a bowl, then soaks it on the outside and inside of the duck or you can use fresh lemon or ginger to rub it on the outside surface of the duck to help get rid of the smell and ensure a cleaner look.

Dùng chanh tươi hoặc gừng xát lên vịt

When making ducks, you need to immediately remove the fishing float. This is the cause of the bad smell and is not a healthy ingredient. When boiling, add a piece of ginger to effectively deodorize.

As mentioned above, young ducks not only have many downy hairs, difficult to pluck feathers, and mushy meat, but the smell of young ducks is often heavier than that of adults. So you need to choose to buy old ducks so as not to suffer from bad odors.

Besides, to have a delicious and attractive duck dish, you should put the whole duck in cold water before boiling for 20 minutes. Because if left outside, it will easily blacken. After dipping in cold water, duck meat will have a very attractive bright white color. To soften duck meat, you can soak duck in a mixture of water and vinegar.

Khử mùi hôi thịt vịt

Soak for 1 hour before putting the duck in the pot to simmer. If you boil duck, you should smash the ginger into the pot of boiling water.

Above is an article that shows you how to remove duck feathers extremely clean, effectively deodorizing and saving time. Hopefully with the above methods, you will make delicious dishes from duck meat easier and more attractive!