How to store live crabs overnight and still keep the freshness of crab meat?

Preserving live crabs overnight while keeping the freshness of crab meat is of great interest to many people. Let's save the following simple tips with Bach Hoa Xanh!


Crab is a dish loved by many people. Therefore, how to preserve live crabs overnight to keep their freshness is of great interest to many people . Let's discover ways to preserve live crabs effectively overnight through today's article!

first How to store raw, unprocessed crabs in the refrigerator

First, to preserve crabs so that they are freshest, you must know how to choose the right crabs. Here are some tips for your reference.

How to choose fresh and delicious raw crabs

  • Time to buy: You should buy crabs at the beginning of the month, from the 1st to the 5th and the end of the month, from the 28th to the 30th . The reason is because this time is the fattest and firmest crab meat.
  • Crab size: Buy a medium sized crab, fit in your hand, it will have a lot of meat, firm and sweet.
  • Check fresh crab: You turn the crab upside down and use your hand to press the breast of the crab. If it's dented, you shouldn't buy it because the crab is not fresh, and vice versa if the breast is hard, you have to "lock it" right away because 95% of the crab is fresh and the meat is delicious. Besides, if the breast is close to the bib , the crab has not produced much, the meat is firm.

Cách chọn ghẹ sống tươi ngon, chắc thịt How to choose fresh and firm raw crabs

  • Choose to buy green crabs: Green crabs are considered to have fresh meat and many nutrients. Avoid buying red crabs, dotted crabs or flower crabs because it will not be as delicious as green crabs!
  • Choose a meat or brick crab as you like: You can tell the difference between a meat crab and a brick crab by looking at their bibs. If it is a meat crab, it will have a small, long and flat bib. Brick crabs will have large and rounded bibs.

How to store raw crabs in the refrigerator

This will help the crabs not be directly exposed to the cold air of the refrigerator, which will cause the crabs to freeze to death.

Step 1 You put the amount of crabs to be preserved on a tray.

Step 2 Put the crab tray into a styrofoam box containing ice .

Step 3 Finally, you put the foam box in the refrigerator.

Bảo quản ghẹ trong hộp xốp Store crabs in styrofoam boxes

2 How to store prepared crabs in the refrigerator?

In addition to the preservation of fresh crabs that we have mentioned, hereafter, we will learn how to preserve pre-processed crabs!

How to prepare crabs

Step 1 You use a knife or scissors to flip the bib of the crab and poke it straight into the top of the bib until their claws and legs are fully stretched, no longer moving , then remove the tie.

Step 2 Using a brush, scrub all the sand and dirt off the crab body . Next, you cut off all the legs, keeping only 2 pins.

Step 3 Next, you peel off the bib of the crab. Use a knife or scissors to cleverly separate the shell and cut off the dark gray lungs on both sides of the crab.

Step 4 Finally, you wash the crabs with a mixture of pureed ginger, white wine mixed with water to help remove the fishy smell and then drain.

Sơ chế ghẹ Preliminary processing of crabs

Preserving crabs after preliminary processing

You can store pre-cooked crabs for about 3 days if you apply this preservation method.

Step 1 Add pre-prepared and drained crabs . Close the box or bag tightly .

Step 2 Put the crabs in the freezer , let the temperature range from -25 to -18 degrees Celsius.

Bảo quản ghẹ sau sơ chế Preserving crabs after preliminary processing

However, if you want to use the freshest and most nutritious crab possible, you should use it without preservation!

3 Some delicious dishes from crabs

Central style crab soup cake

With attractive flavor, pungent taste, rich sweet broth, soft and chewy, with a little extra to enhance the smell . All blend together to create a symphony of attractive flavors.

Bánh canh ghẹ miền Trung Crab soup cake in the Central region

Your broth is fragrant and then stir-fry the crabs . Next, you pour the broth or with it and make it sweet and fragrant, then dip the cake soup in to absorb the flavor and you have a bowl of crab cake soup with a rich central flavor.

Fried crab with tamarind

It is a popular dish and especially attracts diners by its beautiful golden-brown appearance, and its sweet meat is imbued with a sweet and sour taste that is easy to eat.

Ghẹ rang me Fried crab with tamarind

Stir-fry the crabs with phi until fragrant, then add tapioca starch and tamarind juice, stir well, and then simmer until the spices are evenly absorbed, the tamarind juice dries up and compares. You can eat crabs with or . It was also a very enjoyable experience.

Crab with spicy sauce

Crab with spicy sauce with chili, bold spicy flavor will be a perfect taste stimulant.

Ghẹ xốt tương cay Crab with spicy sauce

Spicy soy sauce you cook from filtered water, dried anchovies with Korean soy sauce and then simmer for 5 minutes. Then you take out the anchovies, add Korean chili sauce, paprika, soy sauce, rice wine, minced onion, minced garlic and pepper and stir well . Finally, you take this sauce and pour it over the crabs and cook for 5-7 minutes to enjoy.

Thus, through this article, you have for yourself ways to preserve as well as prepare raw crabs with delicious dishes made from crabs. GREEN BHAG hopes that you will always enjoy delicious dishes from the freshest food sources.

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