Instructions on how to clean and maintain the juicer

A juicer is a great tool to help you enjoy delicious, cool and nutritious juices. In hot summer days like this, surely the use of the juicer will become more and more frequent, so you also need to clean the machine constantly to keep it working properly.


For the best cleaning and maintenance, please refer to the instructions below to help your family always enjoy nutritious and safe juices.

vệ sinh máy ép

To clean the juicer, you need the following items:

– 1 plastic spoon

– 1 dry towel

– 1 sponge brush

– 1 bottle of bleach or dishwashing liquid

– 1 brush brush

– 1 small brush to clean small parts or areas stuck with fruit pulp

Steps to clean the machine:

1. Shutdown

Immediately after using the machine, turn off the machine and unplug the machine from the electrical outlet.

Hướng dẫn cách vệ sinh và bảo quản máy ép trái cây
Turn off the machine and unplug the power cord after using it

2. Disassembling the machine

– Remove the fruit pulp container from the machine, empty all this pulp into the trash.

Tháo bình đựng bã xơ ra khỏi máy
Remove the pulp container from the machine

– Next, you remove the safety lock on both sides of the body, lift the lid out of the machine, use a plastic spoon to remove all the residue stuck to the lid during the grinding process.

Tháo chốt khóa an toàn và nhấc nắp ra khỏi máy
Remove the safety lock and lift the cover from the machine

– Then, lift the grinding funnel including the filter mesh and the knife from the machine body.

Nhấc phễu xay ra khỏi máy
Lift the hopper out of the machine

3. Soak and wash machine parts

– Once the parts of the machine have been disassembled, wash each part with warm water to clean the remaining lint on the machine.

– Then, you take a basin of hot water pre-mixed with soap and soak the machine's parts in it.

Rửa và ngâm các bộ phận
Wash and soak parts

4. Carry out cleaning of machine parts

After soaking with soap, you use a sponge brush to scrub the machine parts.

For areas that are too small to be scrubbed, such as the mouth of the faucet that brings out the juice, use a small brush to scrub.

Cọ rửa các bộ phận của máy
Cleaning machine parts

5. Wash the chopper and strainer

When washing the chopper and strainer, it is best to use a bristle brush rather than a sponge brush. Use a brush to scrub the blades and edges of the filter thoroughly until clean.

If you can't clean the strainer with a brush, try soaking it in a mixture of 1 part lemon juice and 9 parts water. This mixture will help you clean stubborn residues on the filter.

Dùng bàn chải rửa dao xay và lưới lọc
Use a brush to wash the grinder and strainer

6. Dry the machine parts

After you have finished washing all the parts of the machine, rinse it with hot water and dry with a towel or let it dry naturally.

Để các bộ phận trên khăn khô cho ráo hết nước
Let the parts on the towel dry to dry completely

7. Wipe the body

Use a soft damp cloth to wipe the outside of the body, avoiding water to wet the body.

Dùng khăn mềm, ẩm bên ngoài thân máy
Use a soft, damp cloth on the outside of the device

8. Assembly and maintenance

Finally, after the machine parts have been cleaned and dried, reassemble the machine parts and store them in a cool place so that the machine is well preserved for future use.

Lắp lại máy và bảo quản ở nơi khô ráo, thoáng mát
Reassemble the device and store it in a cool, dry place

Some useful tips and tips when cleaning and maintaining the machine

– Juice and pulp can be easily cleaned with warm water. However, when left to dry, they become stains that are difficult to clean. Therefore, it is best to wash the juicer immediately after use

– Some parts can be washed with bleach but others cannot be cleaned with detergents.

– Absolutely do not soak or wash the body of the machine with water because this is the part that contains the motor of the press.

– If you have to use the juicer several times a day, you will only need to wash it after the last time you use it. Between other uses, you can either machine wash the parts with clean water or cover the parts with plastic wrap and keep them in the fridge.

– To clean up the residue quickly, you can put a nylon bag in the waste container before use. After squeezing, you just need to lift the bottle and put in the nylon bag containing the residue.

Lót túi nylon vào bình đựng bã để dọn nhanh hơn sau khi ép
Line a nylon bag in the pulp container for faster cleaning after pressing