Introducing kitchen snails – a famous specialty of the river countryside

Snails are a dish that has many ways of processing that many people love, including kitchen snails, a famous specialty of the southern countryside, everyone loves to eat.


Snail dishes are always loved by many people. However, there is another snail dish, quite special and only available in the West of the river, which is the kitchen snail dish. Let’s learn this dish with us through the following article!

1 What is a kitchen snail?

Kitchen snail dish is a specialty dish of Dong Thap region, with a unique and unique flavor that everyone who eats will be addicted to. The main ingredient of this dish is snail “Lac”. This type of snail is quite similar to the yellow apple snail, large body, and yellow shell, this species seems to be different in its sweet and crispy flesh, not as soft as the apple snail’s meat, which is tough.

This species of Lac snail is also one of the sources of income for the people of Dong Thap, which is why it becomes the main raw material. To make this dish, the cook must choose a very large, unbroken, unbroken snail, then wash the mud on the shell, put it in a bamboo basket, and line it with rice husk.

Món ốc gác bếp là món ăn đặc sản của vùng Đồng Tháp Kitchen snail dish is a specialty dish of Dong Thap region

Next, people will hang it on the kitchen rig in the house, when the house starts to cook rice, the kitchen smoke will rise and smoke the basket. Snails will be smoked for 4-5 months in the wind until they meet the requirements, then they are brought down, put out in a basket, and processed into many different dishes.

If the kitchen dishes are in the highlands, the meat after being marinated and smoked for a period of time will shrivel, dry, and roast, literally dried meat, then in the river area, year-round fighting floods like Dong Thap, snails will return. stout, still alive despite being “steamed” for 4-5 months, the meat is clean, and there is no fishy smell or moss commonly found in other types of snails.

At this time, the fat-looking snail will be made into all kinds of dishes, becoming a specialty that anyone who comes to Dong Thap wants to taste once.

Ốc sẽ xông khói trong 4 - 5 tháng trong gió mà vẫn sống khỏe, thịt ngon hơn Snails will be smoked for 4-5 months in the wind and still live healthy, the meat is better

2 How to enjoy kitchen snails

Kitchen snail dishes are often cooked by the people of Dong Thap to treat guests on Tet or special occasions, and can be used as gifts for each other. Usually, people will bring steamed lemongrass to be able to taste the most original fresh taste.

Cho ốc gác bếp hút sữa hay trứng Let the kitchen snail suck milk or eggs

First, people stir a pot containing 4-5 good fruits, that have been beaten, and then release the snails to let them relieve their hunger after several months of steaming, this process will take about 20 minutes.

Next, put the pot on the stove, put the liner underneath, add a little and add water to boil, then put the snails that have been put on the stove, close the lid, and steam for 10 minutes to finish. At this point, the snail dish is complete, you can rotate it a few times so that the snails are ready to enjoy.

Mang đi hấp với sả, chấm nước mắm gừng là ngon bá cháy Steamed with lemongrass, dipped in ginger fish sauce is delicious

Finally, remove it from the basket to cool down. When enjoying, will use a toothpick to take out the snail meat, dip it with or as you like, the big snail meat is clean, the taste is sweet, crispy, crunchy, chewy, mixed with salty, spicy, sour, greasy, Guaranteed delicious, ecstatic.

Above is the information about the delicious kitchen snail dish, making anyone who eats it love it. Hopefully, through the above article, you will know a new specialty dish of the West as well as gain more interesting knowledge.