Is durian peel edible? Dishes made from durian shells

Many people, after eating durian, often throw away the thorny shell. However, this shell still has many uses that not everyone knows. For example, dishes made from durian skin are also very delicious, the following article will show you tips to make use of the skin of this fruit!


1 Is durian rind edible?

Like the flesh and seeds of the durian fruit, the durian skin is completely edible and even has many great uses if the user knows how to use it properly.

Vỏ sầu riêng

2 Dishes made from durian skin

1. Durian peel stew with bones and vegetables

Canh hầm vỏ sầu riêng

Prepare materials:

– Durian shell

– Pork or chicken ribs

– Lotus seeds

– Mushroom

– Ginger

– Spice


– Use a knife to remove the white pulp inside the durian shell and cut it into small pieces.

Rọc phần ruột trắng trong vỏ

– Boiled ribs with boiling water, then rinse and drain.

Luộc xương sườn qua với nước sôi

Add a suitable amount of water to the pot, add crushed ginger, add 1 tablespoon of vinegar, stew for 1 hour. Vinegar has the effect of dissolving calcium from the bones into the soup.

Cho các nguyên liệu vào hầm

Continue to add the durian rind and cook for 30 minutes. Add mushrooms, lotus seeds and bring to a boil, reduce heat for another 30 minutes. Finally add seasoning, seasoning, sprinkle more cilantro and you're done

Bỏ vỏ sầu riêng vào hầm

Pour the soup into a bowl and enjoy.

Món canh xương hầm vỏ sầu riêng

2. Deep-fried Durian Shell

Vỏ sầu riêng tẩm bột chiên giòn

Prepare materials:

– Durian shell

– Deep fried flour, flour, cornstarch


– Use the filter to filter the white part of the shell, cut this white meat into equal squares and rectangles to catch the eye.

– Continue to put the shell just cut into the water to boil for 2-3 minutes, take out the basket to drain.

Luộc vỏ sầu riêng

– Mix the fried flour mixture according to the ratio of 1 cornstarch, 2 flour and 5 deep fried flour, add water to mix the flour (should add a little salt to enhance the taste of the dish).

– Dip powder coating on durian skin and deep fry on pan. Note that when the oil is hot, add the durian skin and fry until golden on both sides.

Above are dishes made from durian shells. Wishing you success!