Poisonous foods you should know

You would not have expected that there are extremely dangerous foods that appear right in your kitchen. we will point out the deadly foods below that you need to pay attention to and should avoid using so as not to affect the health of yourself and your family.


1 Potato sprouts

Trong thân, lá và mầm khoai tây có chất Glycoakaloid, chất này có thể khiến bạn bị chuột rút, tiêu chảy, rối loạn tiêu hóa, đau đầu thậm chí là tử vong nếu tiêu thụ khoảng 3 – 6 mg.

In the stems, leaves, and sprouts of potatoes, there are Glycoakaloid substances, this substance can cause you to have cramps, diarrhea, digestive disorders, headaches, and even death if consumed about 3 – 6 mg. Therefore, you should not eat sprouted potatoes or potatoes that have turned green for too long.

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2 Cherry seeds

Just like apple seeds, cherries contain Prussic Acid, or Hydrogen Cyanide, which is deadly if ingested accidentally. Therefore, you must not eat cherries, plums, or peaches.

3 Tuna fish

Tuna absorbs a large amount of mercury in the sea, so when you eat too much of this mercury can pass through the kidneys, and brain causing madness. Experts recommend that pregnant women and children should not eat tuna. Adults should not eat too much to avoid mercury poisoning.

4 Green Tomato

Thân, lá và cà chua xanh chứa rất nhiều chất kiềm khiến dạ dày của bạn bị ảnh hưởng khi ăn vào. Nếu ăn quá nhiều cà chua xanh có khả năng dẫn đến tử vong.

You will not be surprised that green tomatoes are foods containing toxins. However, it is precisely the stems, leaves, and green tomatoes that contain a lot of alkaline substances that make your stomach affected when eaten. Eating too many green tomatoes can lead to death.

5 Almond

Although nutritionists recommend eating almonds regularly, there are actually two types of almonds: sweet and bitter. If you eat bitter almonds – containing a large amount of toxic Hydrogen Cyanide (from 7 to 10 seeds) can also lead to poisoning, and children will lead to death.

6 Noodles

Lá và rễ của cây sắn chứa một lượng lớn độc tố Xyanua. Chất này có khả năng giết chết bạn ngay lập tức nếu vô tình ăn phải chúng.

Their leaves and roots contain large amounts of the toxin cyanide. This substance has the ability to kill you instantly if accidentally ingested.

7 Pure honey

Don’t think the purer the better. By storing Graynotonin in 1 tablespoon of pure honey can also make you dizzy and nauseous for a whole day.

8 Cashew

Cashews are only safe when processed and sold in the market, but if you eat raw cashews (just picked from the tree) it will definitely cause poisoning. Because they contain Urushiol – a chemical found in poison ivy or oak trees – they can cause death.

9 Turnip

Trong vỏ củ cải trắng chứa độc tố Furocoumarins

The skin of white radish contains the toxin Furocoumarins. This substance can cause stomach upset or skin burns on contact. Therefore, when processing, you need to peel the skin clean and remove the damaged part of the radish to avoid toxicity. Should be cooked, not raw.

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You may be surprised by the above poisonous foods, but in fact, there have been many cases of poisoning or death from eating one of them. Hopefully, with the above information, everyone should be careful in choosing and processing food to avoid affecting the health of themselves and their loved ones.