Saving energy in the kitchen

The article would like to guide you to read some notes when cooking in the kitchen to reduce energy consumption. With just a few small changes, you'll not only be more energy efficient, but also save money each month.


Saving energy for the oven

Save 20% energy by using a convection fan , which circulates hot air in the oven, helping food cook faster.

Dùng lò nướng có quạt đối lưu

Use when possible. Although cooking in a microwave oven uses less ingredients than an oven, the cooking time in a microwave oven is faster, so it saves more electricity .

Tiết kiệm năng lượng khi nấu bằng lò vi sóng

It is recommended to bake cakes in glass or porcelain containers because the temperature needed to cook food can drop by more than 13 degrees Celsius.

Nướng bánh bằng khuôn sứ, thủy tinh

Always keep the oven door closed during cooking , opening the oven door can cause the temperature to drop sharply to 27 degrees Celsius.

Luôn đóng kín cửa lò nướng

Do not open the oven door while using the oven

Saving energy for electric stoves

Cover the pot when cooking , often opening the pot lid will make hot air fly out, wasting heat.

Đậy nắp nồi khi nấu

Cover the pot when cooking

Turn off the heat a few minutes earlier when boiling items like pasta, potatoes and eggs because the boiling water in the pot will continue to cook the food.

Tắt bếp sớm hơn vài phút

Turn off the stove a few minutes earlier

When using a gas stove, turn down the heat when you need to cook a small pot, so that the fire fits the bottom of the pot to save fuel .

Pour enough water when boiling food , the water is just a little over the surface of the food, the more water you use, the more heat it takes to boil the water.

Đổ nước vừa khi luộc thực phẩm

Pour water just when boiling food

When cooking stews, simmering, pressure cookers should be used to save time and energy.

Nên dùng nồi áp suất

Be careful when preparing food

If you cook a lot and put the food in the freezer, reheat it when needed . Cooking food from scratch takes more energy than reheating food.

Food should be reheated in the microwave or on a gas stove , not in the oven.

Hâm nóng thức ăn trong lò vi sóng

Defrost food in the refrigerator instead of using the microwave or oven to save energy.

Rã đông thực phẩm trong ngăn mát tủ lạnh

Defrosting food in the fridge

Boil water

Should be used to boil water for making tea, coffee, cooking noodles… The super-speed kettle saves ⅓ of the energy compared to cooking water on a gas stove.

Dùng bình đun siêu tốc nấu nước

Use a super speed kettle to cook water

By applying the above notes, you will significantly save on electricity and gas costs for your family. Don't forget to apply some of the tips above and continue reading other articles on our website.