Some notes when choosing to buy a juicer

The decision to buy a juicer can be one of the most important decisions you make. Not only does it help with your health, but choosing which type is also vital in ensuring that this investment will pay off for years and beyond! So before diving into our list or taking out loans (yikes!), there are some things every buyer needs- knowledge of what they're looking at when shopping around; an understanding about their unique needs so we know where best fit within those



Choosing the capacity of the juicer depends on the number of family members and the type of fruit you usually process. If your family has many members and often processes hard and thick fruits, you should choose a machine with a high capacity.

Choose to buy a juicer based on capacity

High-powered machines are capable of squeezing whole fruit without you having to cut it up. Small capacity machines usually have a capacity of 200 – 400 Watt, and with these machines, you must cut the fruit into small pieces before putting it in the blender to avoid damage to the machine.

Operation mode

The juicer has two main operating modes: automatic and manual. Machines operating in automatic mode have the ability to automatically adjust the pressure to grind to suit each type of fruit put into the machine. Of course, its cost is also higher, but it is also more durable and produces very quality fruit drinks.

Choose to buy a juicer based on the mode of operation

Safety lock

Many juicers have an additional safety lock design to ensure that the machine only works when it is properly installed, minimizing the possibility of damage to the machine. Sometimes presses operating with large capacity when having problems will damage the health and property of users. Therefore, the security lock is also quite important.

Choose to buy a juicer with a safety lock

Anti-slip feet

At the base of the machine, there is a rubber pad installed, which works to make the machine stick to the table of glass or ceramic tile, anti-vibration for the machine when operating, not to fall when the machine is tilted.

Choose to buy a juicer with anti-slip feet

Stop working when overloaded

This is a feature for families who use the juicer for a long time. The date feature helps to prevent the machine from being overloaded, increasing its durability of the machine. However, its price is also quite high.


When buying a juicer, you should also choose to buy one with a filter. This filter helps to separate water and reduce foam and residue after squeezing to help the juice to reach the most delicious and clean.

Choose to buy a juicer with a filter


Currently, most presses have a warranty period of 1-2 years. You should choose a genuine product that will have a better warranty.


The brand represents the prestige of the product. Currently, there are many famous juicer manufacturers such as… for you to choose from.

Regardless of whether you buy any product, you should learn in advance about the product’s features and user needs so that you can both choose a good machine and save money.