The fish with a strange name in the West is priced at 400,000 VND / kg that everyone is looking for

A fish with a strange name in the West is priced at 400,000 VND / kg which everyone hunts. Let's learn about this fish with us


In the West, there is a fish with a very unique name, the mouse-pinned fish which is sought after by many people. So what is a mouse-pinned fish and what dishes will be processed, let’s find out through this article?

1 What is chốt chuột fish?

Cá chốt chuột là gì? What is chốt chuột fish?

Rat peg fish is a fish in the same family as buffalo peg fish, paper peg fish, and turmeric peg fish,… The fish has a similar shape to other pegs, but the body of the rat paw is cotton, and sometimes the skin is yellow. , sometimes the skin is black, white, or red depending on the color of the water that the fish live in will have a different skin color.

Ratfish are freshwater fish. In the past, fish was only seen in some places such as Can Tho and An Giang during the flood season. But in recent years, there is no floating season, so the fish have not spawned. And for the same reason, we may not be able to see rat traps in the wild, but can only be reared.

Cá chốt chuột Mouse pin fish

The rat-paw fish is better than the spirit fish, the fish that does not have as many bones as the fish, and the fish can be processed in many dishes.

Currently, the price of rat paw fish is about 400,000 VND / kg, the price is from 10,000 to 15,000 VND / fish.

2 What does the mouse latch fish do?

Lẩu mắm cá chốt chuột Chốt chuột fish sauce hotpot

Ratfish do not have as many bones as scads, fish only have a piece of bone like other pawpaws. With the mouse click fish, you can process many dishes such as a hot pot with fish sauce, water, fried, and pepper stock, …

Rat fish is rich in vitamins of group B. When eating fish, fish meat is soft, fatty, and sweet, fish is easy to digest because fish contains less collagen.

The above article is the sharing of us about a very unique fish called the mouse pin. Hopefully, through the article, you will know more about another type of fish.