The secret to choosing quality avocados

After ripening, it is easy to lose nutrients, so you should buy it in moderate quantities and eat it in 1-2 days. Besides, even if the butter is stored in the refrigerator, the taste will not be the same.


Avocado contains more than 14 types of vitamins and minerals beneficial to health, does not contain Cholestorol, has antioxidant capacity, prevents cancer. In particular, butter is used in beauty technology very effectively. However, choosing good quality and fresh avocado is extremely difficult. In the following article, I will share with you the experience of choosing a delicious avocado.

Bí quyết chọn quả bơ chất lượng

Identify wax butter

Butter has a more supple and delicious flesh than regular butter. This type of butter has a green outer skin with yellow spots. Avocado has round fruit and low fibrous flesh.

Bơ sáp có vỏ màu xanh lấm tấm vàng Butter has a green shell with yellow spots

Choose good avocado, not spoiled

You choose avocado, just squeeze around and feel soft, think it will be sweet, but taste bitter. That's because ripe avocados are pressed when they're young. Look at the avocado stalk, if it's big, don't choose it because it's not old enough and it will be bitter. Should choose avocados with small stalks, still fresh because so the avocado is just ripe but not pressed.

Chọn bơ có cuống nhỏ và còn tươi Choose avocados with small stalks and fresh

Besides, you also need to choose avocados with firm hands. The outer skin is plump, without any strange marks, gouging, or damage. If you have a need to buy instant butter, do not choose soft, soft fruits that are easily damaged inside. In addition, you just need to gently squeeze to see that the meat inside is soft but sure.

Chọn bơ có cuống nhỏ và còn tươi

Purple avocado is characterized by its relatively long length and small seeds, so when it is ripe, you can hear the seeds rolling inside. However, it is advisable to choose a pendulum that feels slightly rolling. Fruits that can hear the seeds clearly will have little and thin flesh. For round butter, it is usually larger in size but less fibrous and more elastic.

Avocados do not ripen on the tree, but only ripen in 1-2 days when picked. Normally, gardeners put them together with bananas to ripen faster.

Bơ để chung với chuối sẽ chín nhanh hơn Avocados put together with bananas will ripen faster

When the avocado is ripe, it ripens from the stem gradually to the end, so the stem will be softer. After ripening, it is easy to lose nutrients, so you should buy it in moderate quantities and eat it in 1-2 days. Besides, even though the butter is preserved in, the taste is not the same as the original.

Làm đẹp bằng bơ Beauty with butter

Currently, our country has many avocado growing areas such as Dak Nong, Dong Nai, but the most famous and delicious is Dak Lak wax. This nutritious fruit that blooms a lot from May to early August will help you cool off the summer heat and make your skin beautiful. Did you find's article useful? Please share more experiences of choosing avocado as well as using avocado in the comments section below.