The secret to deodorizing kitchen utensils safely and effectively

Household appliances used for a long time will have a very unpleasant smell, but you do not want to abuse detergent because of concerns about affecting the health of your family. Then quickly write down in the housewife handbook the tips to deodorize household items below with only extremely simple and safe ingredients, ensuring you will be amazed by their unexpected effectiveness.


Plastic box

Plastic boxes are indispensable items in the house and after a period of use, they will have a food smell that makes cleaning more difficult. Do not worry! You just need to clean the plastic box in the usual way, then cut thin slices of lemon and rub it on the surface of the box, and finally rinse with water. So you have eliminated the unpleasant smell in the plastic box already!

Alternatively, you can mix baking soda with vinegar and make a thick paste and then clean the plastic container. This is also considered one of the most effective deodorants.

Chà chanh lên bề mặt của hộp nhựa giúp khử mùi hiệu quả
Rub lemon on the surface of the plastic box to effectively deodorize


Used to preserve food every day, it often accumulates food odors. Here are simple tips to get rid of bad odors in the refrigerator:

First of all, turn off the power, defrost and then clean the walls and cabinets. Then put a few pieces of fresh orange, tangerine or lemon peel in the refrigerator, the fragrance emanating from them will effectively eliminate odors.

You can replace the peels of oranges and tangerines with vinegar by putting vinegar in a glass jar, opening the lid and placing it in the refrigerator, the odor will disappear soon after.

In addition, you need to clean the refrigerator periodically. When storing fresh or strong-smelling food, it must be wrapped in several layers, wet vegetables should not be put in the refrigerator because they are easily damaged, discard expired foods… These methods will limit Reduce the smell of food clinging to the refrigerator.

Vỏ cam có thể khử được mùi hôi của tủ lạnh
Orange peel can eliminate the odor of the refrigerator

Microwave oven

often tainted with food odors and grease stains for a long time. To effectively remove odors, you can use warm vinegar water and a soft cloth to wipe, especially cleaning while the oven is still hot will help you easily wipe away grease stains.

With a long-lasting smell, you can mix a cup of lemon juice with vinegar and place it in the oven, then turn on the microwave and boil the mixture for about 5 minutes. The lemon scent will create a pleasant aroma, and the evaporated vinegar will help kill bacteria and deodorize quickly.

Lò vi sóng
Vinegar and lemon combine to deodorize food in the microwave

Washing machine

After a period of use, there will be a musty, musty odor that is very unpleasant and you can use vinegar to deodorize. Dilute vinegar with warm water and then pour it into the washing machine, turn on the normal washing mode to clean the machine. The diluted vinegar solution will soak into every corner, supply and drain holes inside the washing machine and work effectively.

Also remember to never leave wet clothes overnight in the washing machine, always leave the washing machine door open after washing and care for your washing machine according to the instruction manual to keep it clean and stain free. smell it!

Máy giặt
Use a vinegar solution to remove the musty smell in the washing machine

Pans, pots

finished, After a period of use, it will leave very unpleasant odors due to the influence of food. To get rid of their fishy smell, slice ginger, put it in a pot and boil it on the stove for about 1 to 2 minutes, the smell will disappear.

You can also use tea, lemon juice or coffee powder and then boil it like with ginger will bring results for eliminating odors in pots and pans.

Gừng tươi là vị cứu tinh tuyệt vời cho xoong, nồi bị bám mùi thức ăn
Fresh ginger is a great savior for pots and pans with food odors


When you wash dishes, there will be a lot of leftover food stuck in the garbage filter and sewage pipes, forming a plaque with a very unpleasant odor for a long time. At this time, fresh lemon, orange or grapefruit peel will be a great savior. First, you flush the sink with hot water one at a time to soften the plaque, then pour in the used lemon, orange or grapefruit peel. Puree under strainer for a few minutes. Plaque, leftovers and odors will go away quickly.

You can also soak the sink with salt or rub the wall with lemon to deodorize the food on the wall.

Đồ nước chanh xuống bồn lọc, mùi khó chịu sẽ biến mất
Put the lemonade into the filter, the unpleasant smell will disappear

Coffee filter

If the coffee filter is not used for a long time, it will have a musty smell. You just need to clean the pot after each use and then put a sugar cube in it, the musty smell of coffee will be gone for a long time.

Đường khử mùi bộ lọc cà phê rất tốt
Very good coffee filter deodorant sugar

Hopefully with these simple, easy and inexpensive tips, you will have a dry and safe living space for your health. If you know any other great tips, please share them with us!