The secret to making delicious casseroles with a pressure cooker

Making delicious casseroles, rich in flavor and keeping high nutrients in food, do you know how to do it? Check out the secret to making a super delicious casserole with the pressure cooker right here.


1. Some principles of cooking casserole you need to know

Bí quyết chế biến món thịt hầm cực ngon với nồi áp suất

– To make delicious, nutritious, and delicious casseroles properly, you must put the ingredients into the casserole at the right times.

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– Basically, when cooking casseroles, you have to remember the principle: Start with the food that needs to cook for the longest time and end with the food that cooks in the shortest time.

– Meat of all kinds, should cook for at least 20 minutes in a pressure cooker, vegetables should cook in a shorter time such as potatoes, and green beans at least 10 minutes and mushrooms only need 60 seconds.

– Accurately identify the necessary ingredients for the stew, prepare and put the ingredients into the pot at the right time, your casserole will surprise the whole family with its great taste.

2. Steps to prepare a delicious casserole dish

Sau khi hầm thịt trong 15 phút, bạn cho rau vào hầm trong 8 phút

Step 1: Put the meat into the pressure cooker, add a little oil of your choice to the pot, close the lid of the pressure cooker and start cooking.

Step 2: When the meat turns brown, add wine and continue cooking. In addition to alcohol, you can also add casseroles to enhance the flavor of the dish, depending on your recipe.

Step 3: Cook the meat in the pressure cooker for about 15 minutes, then you proceed to release the pressure quickly.

Step 4: After releasing the pressure, put the vegetables in the pot and cook for 8 minutes. When adding vegetables to cook with meat, you can add wine or fruit juice to make the sauce richer. After 8 minutes, you proceed to release the pressure again.

Step 5: Add the tender vegetables or shortest cooking ingredients to the pressure cooker and cook for 1 minute. After 1 minute, turn off (in case of use) or disconnect the power () to let the pressure cooker cool down, release the pressure and start cooking your super delicious casserole.

Thus, the casserole only takes 24 minutes to complete, of which there are 15 minutes of pre-cooking, an additional 8 minutes for vegetables, and 1 minute for the fastest ingredients.

With simple cooking steps, you just need a little change in your daily cooking to create a delicious casserole, why not try it? Do you know other delicious meat stew recipes, share them with everyone now!