The "super" trick to shorten the cooking time in half

Almost everyone knows that eating ready-to-eat, take-out or frozen food is sometimes not good. But how to cook quickly and still be delicious because time is increasingly tight? Below, will introduce you to a few tips that will help you cut your cooking time in half while still ensuring an attractive and nutritious meal.


It is not necessary to defrost raw food

Waiting to completely defrost a fish fillet can prolong your cooking time longer than usual. If you skip this step and cook seafood or meat directly out of the freezer, when the fish or meat thaws, the juices of the meat or fish will seep into the sauce or stir-fry in the pan, the flavor of the dish will change. many times more delicious.

Chế biến món ăn ngay mà không cần rã đông tiết kiệm được rất nhiều thời gian Cooking food right away without defrosting saves a lot of time

Processing mannequins and salads quickly in a very short time

Most Vietnamese mannequins and salads contain a fairly balanced amount of fiber and protein. The processing method does not take too much of your time, just arrange the pre-processed ingredients and mix them in a large bowl, season to taste. Add a little dipping sauce, and a dish is ready to serve in less than 20 minutes.

Với món gỏi, chỉ cần 20 phút để thực hiện With salad, it only takes 20 minutes to make

Use boiling water when cooking

can help you do a lot of things, from boiling vegetables, tenderizing meat quickly, preparing dishes, blanching chicken… can be cooked with or without. If you need a quick meal, use some leftovers from your meal , you can apply the following method: put some egg noodles, add some soup powder or soup powder, sugar and sliced carrots, green onions, vegetables, garlic and chili to the saucepan. Boil for about 5-10 minutes. So you've got a delicious super quick soup.

Làm canh siêu tốc chỉ với mì trứng, bột canh đường và cà rốt thái chỉ… Make super fast soup with only egg noodles, sugar soup powder and sliced carrots

Slice the meat thinly in a moment

When you cook, the dishes that need to be thinly sliced or sliced, minced … all cost you a lot of time while being in a hurry. The secret is to "freeze" the food again by putting the meat in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes and starting to prepare the remaining ingredients, then take the food out of the refrigerator and cut the thread. or shredding, freezing food can help you shred it faster than usual.

Thịt đông lạnh dễ dàng thái lát hơn bình thường Frozen meat is easier to slice than usual

Use a griddle instead of an oven or use a cast iron pan in the oven

Instead of wasting time waiting heated up ready to use… you should bake your food on a griddle, tile, brick… the food will cook faster, smell better and save you up to half the time compared to baking in the oven.

In addition, if you still want to bake in the oven, use cast iron pans with a thin layer of oil in the oven first, after the pan heats up, put the food inside the pot. At this point, the pan is already hot, so the food that needs to be cooked will also be cooked very quickly and have a nice burnt edge.

Sử dụng những chiếc chảo gang khi dùng lò nướng sẽ nấu nhanh hơn Using cast iron pans when using the oven will cook faster

If you know how to properly use the dishes at home, will save you a lot of time when cooking without having to be busy. You have more "secrets" or better, don't be afraid to "reveal" to right now!