The West has a strange fruit with a bad skin but an unforgettable taste

Surely Western friends will know this fruit, this is a strange fruit with bad skin but an unforgettable taste. Have you guessed yet? Let's find out with us


Is a fruit that is grown a lot in the West, usually comes in season in October of the lunar calendar every year, and has a unique taste. If you eat it for the first time, you will feel the taste is very strange but also very delicious. Let’s find out the benefits and ways of enjoying kumquats with rough skin but unforgettable taste.

1 About kumquats

The fruit originates from the Indomalaya ecological region, also known as the cypress tree, and has the scientific name Limonia acidissima L. More specifically, this tree is often grown in many countries such as India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. , Indochina… In Vietnam, sarcophagi are widely distributed in the Mekong Delta, most notably in Tra Vinh province.

Trái quách tuy không đẹp nhưng hương vị rất ngon Although the fruit is not beautiful, the taste is very good

The fruit is shaped like a grapefruit, the outside has a grayish-white skin, thick and rough. When separated, there will be fibrous flesh and flattened seeds, the raw fruit has white flesh, when ripe, it will turn dark brown and gradually black.

The taste of kumquat has a sweet, sour, and sour taste and attractive aroma. When enjoying, there will be crunchy seeds to eat very strangely.

2 Nutritional ingredients

Besides the delicious taste, which is loved by many people, the fruit also contains many nutrients that help replenish the body with important compounds needed. According to nutrition experts, 100g of kumquat will contain on average about:

  • 31g
  • 2g
  • 140 calories
  • In addition, ripe fruit will contain ingredients, including and, a certain amount

Thành phần dinh dưỡng của trái quách Nutritional composition of kumquats

3 Uses of kumquats

Good for the digestive system

The fruit contained in kumquats is effective in preventing constipation and softening stools. In addition, the tannin component also works to prevent problems with digestive infections.

Trái quách rất tốt cho hệ tiêu hóa Fruits are very good for the digestive system

Clearing body heat

Ripe kumquats contain vitamin C and are abundant, this will be food to help balance fluid levels, keep body water, and electrolytes, maintain normal activities, and clear body heat every day.

Một ly quách dầm đá giúp thanh nhiệt cơ thể A glass of iced sarcophagi helps to cool down the body

Improve immune system

When using kumquats, will help strengthen the immune system, and the body’s resistance to disease. Thanks to the name flavonoid and the ingredient that plays an important role in tissue regeneration, and cell nourishment. So your immune system is always healthy.

Trái quách giúp tăng cường hệ miễn dịch Fruits help strengthen the immune system

4 How to use kumquat

Stone Road

This is a dessert to help cool down on hot summer days, with a very simple way to make. You just need to cut the kumquat in half and use a spoon to scrape all the meat into a glass, add a little sugar and crushed ice, then crush it into small pieces to enjoy.

Quách dầm đường đá Stone Road

Guo soaked in wine

If you are too tired of the iced kumquat, you can use it to soak and use it for a long time without fear of being damaged.

Step 1 You use a spoon to scrape off the white skin of the kumquat and then dry it in the sun.

Step 2 After drying, it is okay to have cracks on the fruit.

Step 3 Put the kumquats in the wine bottle, add a little to soak together and you’re done.

Quách ngâm rượu Guo soaked in wine

Chicken hotpot cooked with fruit

In addition to using the fruit to soak in wine or pickle, you can also use the fruit as an ingredient to cook an attractive chicken hot pot dish.

As for the chicken hot pot with a very simple recipe, you just need to marinate, cook the broth and then season it to taste, it will complete a very unique and attractive dish.

Lẩu gà nấu với trái quách Chicken hot pot cooked with kumquats

Above is a detailed article about a strange fruit with bad skin but an unforgettable taste only in the West, which we want to send to you. Hope this information is useful to you.