Tips for processing and preserving fresh fruit do you know???

Persimmons often have a bitter taste that is difficult to eat, what to do? How to buy unripe bananas? How to squeeze a lot of water with lemons… In life, we have hundreds of questions, so how to solve the questions about vegetables and fruits? Read the following article.


Vegetables, if not stored properly, are very perishable and can generate many dangerous pathogens. The following article will guide you on how to process and preserve fresh fruits extremely safely and conveniently.

How to handle fruit when peeled

Fruits such as apples and pears, after being peeled, are often turned dark black, unsightly. Therefore, you should prepare a bowl of light salted water, after you have just peeled the fruit, immediately put it in the salt water to soak. Thus, it is possible to keep the nutrition of the fruit but also to prevent the fruit from turning brown.

Táo sau khi gọt nếu không muốn bị thâm nên ngâm vào nước muốia
After peeling apples, if you don't want to be dark, you should soak them in salt water

How to preserve jujube with wine

Apples left for a long time, if not rotten, will also wither and lose their smell. If you put jujubes in wine mixed with boiled sugar, the apples will not only keep for a long time, but also have a very special taste when eaten.

How to speed up the ripening of bananas

It is recommended to put about 5 kg of bananas in a large plastic bag (if you do not have a plastic bag, you can use a large bag), then put in the bag into a cup of sand or kitchen ash. Then, take about 5 to 10 incense sticks, break them in half, plug them into the bowl, burn the incense, then tie the mouth of the bag tightly, so the bananas will ripen very quickly. This method is simple, easy to redo economically.

Chuối tiêu muốn nhanh chín nên ủ chung với hương (nhang)
Banana pepper wants to ripen quickly, so brew it with incense (incense)

Bananas should be stored in the refrigerator

Leaving bananas in the refrigerator, bananas are often dark, it doesn't look very good, but this is the right way to do it because if you pay attention, you will see, bananas left in will stay fresh for a long time and when eating bananas will taste slightly banana left out.

How to peel peaches quickly

Before eating peaches, if you want to peel peaches, soak them in boiling water for 1 minute, then put them in cold water to soak for a while so when peeling peaches it will be very easy.

How to squeeze lemon juice to get more water

Ngâm chanh vào nước sẽ vắt được nhiều nước
Soaking lemons in water will squeeze a lot of water

To squeeze lemon juice for a lot of water, before squeezing, soak the lemon in water for about 2 minutes before squeezing it.

How to remove the acrid taste in persimmons

– Put persimmons in the furniture, get alcohol or alcohol sprayed on the surface of the fruit, cover for 3-5 days, the persimmon will stop acrid.

– Mix persimmons with pears, cover for 3-5 days, the acrid taste of persimmons will disappear.

– Put persimmons in a plastic bag, mix with 1 or 2 apples (the big jujube type) and tie the bag tightly, 2-3 days later, the persimmon will no longer be acrid.

How to wash melons

In the summer, melons are often abundant. To ensure that the fruit is not poisoned when eaten and to eliminate all the parasites on the peel, it is best to soak it in salt water for 20-30 minutes and then peel it to eat.

Nên ngâm dưa vào nước muối
Should be soaked in salt water

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