Tips to choose to buy delicious and succulent grapefruit, oranges, and tangerines

When needing to supplement vitamin C, oranges, tangerines and grapefruits are the first choice. However, if you do not know how to choose, it will be easy to choose the wrong green, sour or dark fruits that are difficult to use.


In the days of changing seasons, the weather changes easily affect health, the best way to protect and strengthen the body's resistance is to provide vitamin C and some antioxidant nutrients. Many housewives choose oranges, tangerines and grapefruits as the main food to ensure the supply of necessary natural vitamins for the whole family, in order to make choosing to buy oranges and grapefruits simpler . share ways to choose grapefruit, delicious oranges and easy to apply.



You should choose to buy pomelos with glossy, stretchy, yellowed skin. Grapefruit is round and when lifted, it is heavy, feels firm, not porous, dry. In addition, the thorns on the grapefruit peel are also very important, the larger the thorns, the older and ripe the grapefruit, avoid choosing grapefruits with small, thick thorns, because so the grapefruit is young, the taste will be very sour. A small experience when buying grapefruit is that when flicking on the peel, if you hear a "crack" sound, the grapefruit peel will be thin, and the "pop pop" sound will make most of the peel thicker.

Some housewives have a habit of using grapefruit juice, the best way to preserve it is to use a glass jar to store grapefruit juice and keep it in . You should fill the jar to avoid loss of vitamin C and avoid oxidation.



Delicious oranges will have glossy skin and will feel heavy to hold. The color of the fruit is shiny, orange should not be too green and green more than half of the surface area because these are early picked, underripe oranges. In addition, you should also look at the shape, a delicious orange will have a standing, right shape, without distortion or imbalance. The shell around the roll is taller and thicker than other places, but the shell is not rough and dry. For crockery oranges should not be chosen too big, with rough skin and yellow on one side, because the fruits have an irregular yellow color and are mainly concentrated in one spot, mostly oranges that are sunburned, dry and less watery.



For tangerines, tangerines that have a lot of water and are delicious will have a stretchy peel, natural golden shine, soft and elastic hands. The stem is not dropped or wilted, and the fruit is fresh and not bruised, or dented. There are some tangerines, although the skin is beautiful, tight, but less elastic and when held, it is not soft but feels hard, which are young fruits, not ripe enough or less water, …. However also Do not choose tangerines that are too big, too juicy because it is a tangerine that is fertilized with a lot of protein, will not be fragrant and less sweet.

It is not difficult to get sweet grapefruits, juicy oranges, and tangerines. What do you think about the experience of choosing to buy just shared, please comment below!

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