Tips to treat burns effectively from ingredients available in the kitchen

To reduce the burning pain and blistering caused by burns, you can use the ingredients available in the kitchen with the following simple tips.


Treat burns with clean water

When you get burned, wash the burn with water and then soak it in cold water for about 15 minutes . If the burn is in an area that is difficult to soak, you can use a gauze pad soaked in water and then apply it to the burn and repeat after a few hours to reduce the burning sensation.

Absolutely never use ice to soak a burn because ice will make blood circulation more difficult, accidentally causing unnecessary damage to the skin.

Nước lạnh sẽ làm dịu vết bỏng nhanh chóng

Cold water will soothe the burn quickly.

Heal burns with honey

Honey has many useful uses, one of which is to disinfect wounds and treat burns effectively. Soak honey in a gauze bandage and apply it on the wound about 3-4 times a day .

At first, you will feel uncomfortable burning pain but gradually the wound will soften and only a short time, the burn will quickly heal the young skin.

Mật ong khử trùng vết thương và chữa bỏng hiệu quả

Honey disinfects wounds and cures burns effectively

Cure burns with egg whites

After rinsing the burn with water to reduce the heat, separate the chicken or duck egg yolks, put them in a bowl, stir well, then soak the burn . Or you can use a gauze bandage soaked in egg white and then apply to the burn, about 4 times a day , the skin will quickly reduce blistering.

Lòng trắng trứng giúp da bớt phồng rộp

Egg whites help reduce blistering

Cure burns with potatoes

Potatoes have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects very effectively. Cut a slice of potato and apply it on the burned skin , you can rub it gently to let the water in the potato soak into the wound. One thing you need to keep in mind is to apply potatoes to the burn as soon as possible so that the skin does not blister!

Khoai tây làm dịu vết thương rất hiệu quả

Potatoes are very effective in soothing wounds.

Soothe burns with aloe vera

Aloe vera is very effective in treating pain and burns. After washing the burn with water, you cut a piece of aloe vera and apply it , also gently rub it like a potato so that the aloe vera gel penetrates the burn. It won't take long for the wound to heal and you don't need to use special medicine.

Dịch nhờn trong nha đam sẽ làm giảm cơn đau rát do vết bỏng gây nên

The slime in aloe vera will reduce the burning pain caused by burns

Heal burns with black tea filter bags

You put the tea bag in cold water for a few minutes and then gently rub it on the burn , or you can also leave the tea bag on the burn and then wrap it with a gauze bandage . The tannins in black tea soothe the heat caused by burns.

Chất tanin có trong trà đen có tác dụng làm dịu sức nóng của vết bỏng

Tannins in black tea have the effect of soothing the heat of burns

Treat burns with vinegar

Mix vinegar and water in equal amounts and then wash the burn, then use a gauze bandage to soak up this solution and then cover it with a new bandage every 2-3 hours . Vinegar has antiseptic effect, so it will help the wound not to become infected, which is dangerous to health.

Giấm giúp vết thương không bị nhiễm trùng

Vinegar helps prevent wounds from becoming infected

Heal burns with onions

You cut a piece of onion and squeeze the juice on the burn, remember to cut it out and use it right away because the onion will lose its pain reliever and prevent blistering. Patiently do it several times a day, the burned skin will quickly recover.

Hành tây giảm đau và ngăn ngừa phồng rộp

Onions relieve pain and prevent blisters

Relieve burning pain from burns with turmeric

Crush turmeric and cook with sesame oil or peanut oil, wait for it to cool and then pour it into a jar to preserve when needed. If you have a burn, take a cotton ball and dip it in this solution and apply it to the wound . The burn will immediately reduce the burning sensation and leave no ugly scars on the skin.

Nghệ giúp liền da nhanh chóng và không để lại sẹo

Turmeric helps to heal skin quickly and does not leave scars

Treat burns with coconut oil and lemon juice

To treat burns caused by boiling water, mix some coconut oil with a few drops of lemon juice and apply it on the burn. Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E, which is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, and lemon juice will fade burns. This solution is really not inferior to any kind of burn medicine that is always available in the kitchen or

Nước chanh làm mờ vết bỏng và kháng khuẩn

Lemon juice softens burns and is antibacterial.

The ingredients for the treatment of minor burns above are very simple and easy to find, always available in the kitchen, but the effect is not inferior to any special medicine. If you know any other tips or treatment for burns, please share with Dien May XANH!