Use and maintain the blender properly

The blender helps you quickly process cool smoothies to cool off in the hot summer. Proper maintenance and cleaning of the blender will help it always work well and have a long life.


Fit the blender properly so it doesn't get damaged

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Need attention , otherwise the machine will not run or run not well, which may damage the gear connecting the machine body and the mill, causing the machine to stop working.

Grind the right food

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Read the manufacturer's instructions to choose the right ingredients for your blender . If the blender is only used for blending, it should not be used for , , or hard dishes.

Refer to some foods that the blender is according to capacity:

: can grind mango, watermelon, papaya… (soft fruit)

: can grind small ice cubes, chopped young coconut… (fruit is a bit hard)

Chopping food into small pieces before grinding will grind faster and smoother

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There is no need to cut vegetables and fruits into shreds, but they should be cut into small to medium cubes to put in the blender .

Avoid grinding too many foods at once to ensure that the machine's motor does not have to work too hard

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If you find that the blender is running weak and not pureeing the food, pour some of the mixture into the cup and blend it little by little .

Use enough liquid for smooth operation

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When blending, pour enough liquid into the blender jar . Mixture that is too thick will stick to the blade causing it to rotate ineffectively or jam the machine, unable to blend ingredients.

Depending on the type of food you are processing, liquid options such as filtered water, fruit juice, fresh milk, coconut water, yogurt, etc.

Choose the right grinding speed

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Depending on the hardness of the food, you can choose a strong or light grinding speed . The "Stuff – Pluse" button is used to grind in a short time, used to mix the ingredients well before grinding, to avoid jamming the machine when you add too many ingredients.

after each use

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Pour dishwashing liquid, white vinegar, and water into the blender. Turn on the blender for a few seconds to clean the stains in the blender.

Remove the jar, pour out the dirty water, rinse it thoroughly with clean water, and then put it back in its original position.

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Remove the blade and wash the blade holder with water mixed with a little dishwashing liquid, then rinse with clean water, let dry.

Dry the blender after cleaning

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Dry the blender jar and plastic cover with a soft cloth , being careful not to touch the blade. Allow blender to dry completely before reassemble and store. When installing the blade, pay attention to install the rubber gasket correctly.

Please follow the above notes to make the blender always work well. Continue reading other articles in the Home Buying Advice section to discover other tips.