What are chia seeds? What effect? How to use chia seeds for good health

Chia seeds belong to the Lamiaceae family – the same family of herbs used as spices such as mint and basil – known for their health benefits. Let's learn more about this seed as well as its great uses through the following article!


Hạt chia là gì?

1 What are chia seeds?

Chia seeds are the seeds of the Salvia Hispaniola plant, which belongs to the same family as mint and basil, and is native to southern Mexico, Guatemala, and Bolivia.

Knowing what chia seeds are, you should also know more about the origin of this seed. The true origin of chia seeds is in South America, dating back to 3500 BC. Chia seeds were first discovered by the Aztecs and Mayans as well as finding out the wonderful uses of this seed.

cây Salvia Hispaniola

The most widely grown and produced chia seeds are in the US and Australia. Because in those two countries, all the conditions (climate, soil, soil, light and water) help to grow and develop best. Even if the chia plant is grown at a location with a latitude of 15 degrees, it will produce the highest content of Omega 3 fatty acids in chia seeds.

hạt chia có 2 màu

Currently, our country has not grown this plant, so most of the chia seed products are imported to meet the needs of customers.

2 Effects of chia seeds?

Chia seeds are a type of seed that is used a lot in foreign countries such as Australia and the US, but has only been popular in Vietnam in recent years. Because, chia seeds have great health effects such as:

Supports weight loss and avoids obesity

The ability to absorb water of chia seeds is 16 times higher than its inherent weight, so when we drink a cup of chia seed water, we often feel full for a long time as well as help the body absorb fewer calories.

hạt chia hỗ trợ giảm cân và tránh béo phì

At the same time, because it contains a lot of fiber, using chia seeds also helps you avoid obesity when limiting excess fat.

Promotes healthy skin, hair and nails

Hair and nails are formed and developed mainly by protein, so we need to add a relatively large amount of protein in our daily meals. Meanwhile, chia seeds are found to be a relatively high source of Omega 6 ALA and excellent antioxidants.

hạt chia giúp da, tóc và móng tay khỏe

Therefore, chia seeds work very well for strengthening and helping the skin, hair and nails grow strong.

Healthy cardiovascular system

Our body cannot synthesize an essential fatty acid on its own – Omega 3. However, in chia seeds, a large amount of Omega 3 ALA was found, accounting for about 20%, so the addition of chia seeds in the diet every day seems to be an absolute necessity.

hạt chia giúp hệ tim mạch khỏe

Not only that, according to research results, Omega 3 supports well in reducing cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as helping the cardiovascular system to be healthier.

Supports optimal digestion

The fiber content found in chia seeds accounts for about 37%, of which about 20% is soluble and 80% is insoluble fiber to better support the digestive system to work more optimally.

Hỗ trợ tiêu hóa tối ưu cùng hạt chia

A lot of fiber will help the digestive system easily remove harmful substances and gradually remove cholesterol from the intestinal wall.

Good for pregnant women

Chia seeds are full of nutrients that are good for the fetus: iron, calcium, vitamin A, magnesium, Omega 3. Especially folate helps the nervous system and brain to develop.

hạt chia tốt cho phụ nữ mang thai

In other words, chia seeds are among the top herbs that rarely contain such rich Omega 3 and Folate content!


Chia seeds contain a lot of nutrients that help keep bones strong and healthy such as: Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Phosphorus, etc., so they are good support for effectively fighting osteoporosis. Often osteoporosis occurs in the elderly because the level of estrogen hormone is less, making the regulation of calcium in the blood out of balance, leading to osteoporosis.

hạt chia chống loãng xương

Therefore, adding chia seeds in the diet, or drinking a glass of chia seed water every day is also very good to prevent and support osteoporosis.

Good for people with diabetes

When soaked in water, chia seeds expand many times their own weight and create a soft gel layer due to soluble fiber. It is this gel layer that helps the sugar in the stomach to be absorbed more slowly, making the glycemic index value lower, helping the body avoid diabetes as well as becoming a good food for those suffering from this disease.

hạt chia tốt cho người bị tiểu đường

Slow down oxidation

The amount of Omega 3 ALA along with the protein in chia seeds helps the body to avoid aging. In particular, it eliminates some toxins in the body, making the skin more beautiful and healthy.

Làm chậm quá trình oxy hóa cùng hạt chia

Using chia seeds for good health?

Understanding the great effects that chia seeds bring, you need to use chia seeds properly to bring good health effects, such as:

Where to buy chia seeds?

You need to choose a reputable place to buy chia seeds, to avoid buying poor quality chia seeds on the market.

Chọn mua hạt chia ở đâu?

Store chia seeds carefully

You should use chia seeds within the shelf life recommended by the manufacturer. At the same time, the preservation of chia seeds is like placing in a dry place and away from direct sunlight, and especially it is necessary to cover the bag, or store it in a sealed glass jar to keep the quality of the chia seeds. .

Bảo quản hạt chia cẩn thận

Eat and drink chia seeds properly

Using chia seeds for good health, we need to choose how to eat and drink chia seeds properly. Detail:

  • Drink chia seeds:

To drink chia seeds, you need to soak chia seeds in warm water to fully expand them before drinking. Avoid improper ways of drinking chia seeds such as: eating dried chia seeds directly and then drinking water. This is a very wrong way to drink, in many cases there are people with esophageal obstruction with this way of drinking.

uống hạt chia đúng cách

  • Eat chia seeds:

Chia seeds also become one of the ingredients to prepare very attractive dishes, to change the traditional way of drinking chia seeds, such as chia seed toast, chia seed pizza, chia oat porridge, tilapia fish. fried chia seeds….

ăn hạt chia đúng cách

Hope the above information will help you know what chia seeds are? And the wonderful uses of this seed for health. Coming to the Dien May XANH kitchen section, you will discover many other attractive dishes!