What is indigo fish? How much? Where do you buy it?

Indigo fish is quite strange to many people. It is only available on Phu Quy island in our country. Join Bach Hoa Xanh to find out interesting information about this fish!


Have you known or heard of indigo fish? This type of fish is quite strange to many people because it is only often seen on Phu Quy island . In this article, Bach Khoa XANH will help you find out information about this fish!

first What is an indigo fish?

Origin of indigo fish

Indigo fish is a strange name for many people. The reason is because this fish is not found inland but only on Phu Quy island in our country. Phu Quy Island is located in the middle of the deep water of the East Sea, so the island's fishermen have the advantage of fishing near the shore. Indigo fish makes indigo fish cake – a specialty here that is popular with many people.

Cá chàm xuất hiện nhiều ở đảo Phú Quý Indigo fish appear a lot on Phu Quy island

Characteristics & Classification of indigo fish

Indigo fish have a feature to identify them is the color band on the skin. There are more than 10 types of indigo fish, but there are two common types: yellow indigo fish and blood indigo fish.

If it is an indigo fish, we can see a yellow patch on the back from near the head to the end of the V-shaped tail. If it is an indigo fish, there will be many red purple spots like blood bruises with yellow stripes. running from the gills to the tail of the fish.

Indigo fish with fleshy flesh, sweet taste like it has just been marinated with .

Phân biệt cá chàm bằng mảng màu trên lưng Distinguish indigo fish by the color patch on the back

The indigo fish has a fat, thick, fleshy body, the upper back is dark yellow along the tail, the tail is bright yellow like silverfish, the lower body is ruddy.

Some other less common indigo fish species are blue indigo fish, gourd indigo fish, …

Nutritional value of indigo fish

Indigo fish, like other marine fishes, is very rich in nutrients , in which the content of and minerals such as , , … are higher than other meats and fishes . Indigo fish also contains many essential types , especially and . In addition, indigo fish also contains good for the brain of the fetus, so pregnant women eat very well.

Cá chàm giàu dinh dưỡng Nutritional rich indigo fish

2 How much does a live indigo fish cost?

Fresh indigo fish costs from 150,000 to 250,000 / kg. You can order indigo fish at large seafood markets or reputable supermarkets or at social networking sites and e-commerce platforms.

Here are a few places where you can buy live indigo fish:

Seafood Branch28 No. 1, Hiep Binh Chanh, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City

Home Garden Clean Food76G Pham Viet Chanh, Ward 19, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City

Ong Giau fresh seafood80/28 Street 9, KP5, Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc, HCMC

3 How to prepare and deodorize the fishy indigo fish?

How to prepare indigo fish

Fresh indigo fish is processed very pure to keep the freshness and succulence of the fish. The most common pre-processing method is to make sausage. Preliminary processing of fish to make the famous indigo fish cake is also extremely simple.

After catching indigo fish, use a knife to cut off two parts of the fillet on the side, scrape off the meat, remove the skin , stab it with a pestle, mortar or grind it into a blender, add a little minced garlic and pepper. seeds, salt and then brush your hands again and you're done.

Sơ chế thành chả cá chàm Preliminarily processed into indigo fish cakes

After preliminary processing, the indigo fish cake is very sweet, this sweetness is sweet, very natural , like being marinated with rock sugar, even though you don't need to season it, or

The fishy indigo deodorant

To get rid of the fishy smell of indigo fish, you also do the same way to get rid of the fishy smell of other sea fish. There are different ways to get rid of the fishy smell of indigo fish.

Khử mùi tanh cá chàm bằng các nguyên liệu gần gũi Eliminate the fishy smell of indigo fish with close ingredients

You can cut the fish and then soak it in water for about 15-20 minutes , then take it out and rinse it with water.

Table salt is a popular way to get rid of the fishy smell. You mix dilute salt water and then soak indigo fish for 5-10 minutes or you can use salt to rub on the surface of the fish. The fish will be less viscous and eliminate the fishy smell.

In addition, and also a way that many people apply. When washing indigo fish, you can mix a few tablespoons of wine or white vinegar into the water, then soak the fish for about 5 minutes and then rinse with water.

4 Delicious dishes from indigo fish

As mentioned, indigo fish has sweet and firm flesh. Because of that , simple dishes, not complicatedly processed, will keep their freshness and pure succulent.

Fried indigo fish fried with figs

Chả cá chàm chiên ăn vả Fried indigo fish fried with figs

In the preliminary processing step, we mentioned that the best way to eat indigo fish is to make fish cakes.

You prepare indigo fish to make bacon as above and then fry it. When eating dipping with spicy stab with vegetables é, roll , , , …

Take 1 bite, taste completely stimulated. Firm, naturally sweet fish meat, pungent salt and pepper, and pungent vegetables will make you ecstatic from the first time you try it.

Bun cha with indigo fish

Bún chả cá chàm Bun cha with indigo fish

Indigo fish vermicelli is delicious, easy to eat, the broth is light, sweet and sour, along with fried indigo fish cake, which is chewy, slightly fatty . When it comes to adding ground chili and raw vegetables , there's nothing better than that!

In the broth you take fish bones and fish heads to cook together with grilling on a low fire . When the bones are soft, take them out. Put the pan on the stove, saute the purple onion, then add and stir-fry , seasoning. Pour this sautéed tomato with pineapple into the fish bone broth, bring it to a boil again, and we will have a pot of vermicelli broth.

Thus, through this article, you have gained knowledge about indigo fish, the information surrounding them and how to cook the best indigo fish. Hope you will always accompany Bach Khoa XANH to learn more types of food!

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