What is whiskey? Classification and how to drink extremely standard whiskey

If you love mysterious flavors or historical flavors, then Whiskey is the right drink for you.


Whiskey is one of the most popular spirits in the world. Let's learn about this famous wine with Bach Hoa XANH!

first Learn about Whiskey

Whiskey first appeared in the 15th century in Scotland, created by monks with the main ingredient being fermented barley, now has a history of more than 500 years.

In the 18th century, England annexed Scotland to its territory, accompanied by high taxes on foreign wines and winemaking ingredients. Whiskey is also among them. To combat this tax, the people of Scotland had to sneak Whiskey into wooden crates and hide them in secret places.

And that is also why Whiskey is imbued with the flavor of wood and has a golden brown color of amber with a spicy but sweet sweetness. Whiskey is classified as a strong spirit, with an alcohol content of 40% – 45% ALC.

Whisky là một loại rượu mạnh được yêu thích Whiskey is a well-loved spirit

2 Classification of Whiskeys

Sort by grain type

Whiskey is known by many different names, some of which will follow the grain ingredients used to make it.

  • Malt – Whiskey made from .
  • Grain – Whiskey made from and usually using column distillation equipment.
  • Rye – Whiskey typically made from rye with at least 51% or more.
  • Bourbon – Whiskey mainly made with more than 51% and distilled to a maximum of 81% by volume, poured into a container with a maximum of 63% by volume.

Phân loại Whisky theo nguyên liệu ngũ cốc Classification of Whiskeys by Grain Ingredients

Classification by production process

Whisky còn được phân theo quy trình sản xuất của từng loại. Whiskey is also classified according to the production process of each type.

  • Single – Whiskey that comes from a separate distillery (usually applies to Scottish Whiskey).
  • Straight – Whiskey that comes from a separate distillery (usually applied to American Whiskey).
  • Blend – Whiskey that has been blended from many different types of Whiskey during production.
  • Pot Still – Whiskey made using only the classic pot (usually applied to some Irish Whiskeys).
  • Pure Pot Still – Whiskey produced with only malt in vintage casks (usually with Irish Whiskey).

Other names

In addition, Whiskey is also known by a number of other names.

  • Vintage (year of manufacture) – Whiskey derived from the noted year of manufacture.
  • Single cask – Whiskey derived from a single cask (usually used for Scotch Whiskey).

3 How to drink standard and stylish Whiskey

Each person will have a unique way of enjoying Whiskey. However, Bach Hoa Xanh will introduce you to two ways of drinking that are appreciated by experts.

Way 1 Drink Whiskey with Ice

Drinking Whiskey combined with ice will awaken the wonderful taste of this spirit. You can drink some types of Whiskey with ice such as: Irish Whiskey, Blended Whiskey, American Whiskey, …

You should put a slightly large ice cube in a Tumbler glass, then pour Whiskey on top to let the wine flow from the ice to the glass. When drinking, you should shake gently, shake and drink to feel the taste most clearly.

You should avoid pouring wine into a glass and then adding ice, because then the ice will melt quickly, making the wine pale, thus losing the flavor of the wine.

Kết hợp Whisky với đá Combine Whiskey with Ice

Way 2 Enjoy Whiskey after putting the whole bottle in the freezer so that the wine can absorb the deep cold.

This is a way of drinking that requires ingenuity and sophistication. You need to put the bottle of Whiskey in the freezer for about 12 to 24 hours. Wine drunk in this way must be bottles with a gentle taste, not too strong, making the drinker feel sweet and soft. To fully enjoy this drink, you should choose lines that are creamy or oily.

Cho cả chai Whisky vào ngăn đá Put the whole bottle of Whiskey in the freezer

4 Some notes when drinking Whiskey

To bring out the wonderful taste of Whiskey, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  • Choose a drinking glass: The glass used to drink Whiskey must be a glass with a wide body and mouth and accompanied by a coaster.
  • Pouring wine: When pouring wine, do not let the mouth of the bottle touch the glass. The ideal distance between the mouth of the bottle and the glass is 1-2cm.
  • Pouring norms: The standard norm when enjoying this wine is 15ml or 30ml. Be careful not to overfill the wine glass, because it will lose its inherent flavor.

Lưu ý khi thưởng thức rượu Whisky Notes when enjoying Whiskey

So Bach Khoa Xanh has introduced you to some information about Whiskey, how to enjoy it and some notes when drinking this wine. Hope you have gained more insight into how to enjoy this wonderful wine.

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