What's good to cook with tuna eyes? 5 ways to prepare attractive tuna eyes for family meals

Nutritious tuna eyes with fatty, attractive flavor are loved by many people. Discover 5 ways to cook delicious tuna eyes with Bach Hoa GREEN now!


Tuna eyes are a favorite ingredient for diners because they contain many nutrients , especially good for the brain and help to nourish the eyes, fatty and attractive taste . With Bach Hoa Xanh "pocket" 5 ways to cook delicious and attractive tuna eyes for you to receive thousands of compliments.

first Tuna eye hotpot

Lẩu mắt cá ngừ Tuna eye hotpot

, you wash, cut into pieces . , you also rinsed. then you bring the stew for 1 hour. You put the pot on the stove and then sauté it, add tomatoes, sour bamboo shoots, pineapple and stir fry until fragrant and tuna eyes cook for 10 minutes , then add a little juice , season to taste and finish the broth. Tuna eye hot pot already.

When finished, it has a very attractive color and taste. Tuna eyes are soft and chewy, fragrant and fatty, crispy and sour bamboo shoots combined with sour, sweet, and rich broth . This hot pot dish served hot with a little bit will be great!

2 Tuna eyes stewed with Northern medicine

Mắt cá ngừ hầm thuốc Bắc Tuna eyes stewed with Northern medicine

After buying tuna eyes, blanch briefly in boiling water to remove the fishy smell and then marinate with salt, , , , fish sauce, red onion and . Leave for 30 minutes to infuse the spices and then stew with , goji berries, sherry, sa ginseng, sliced for 1 hour. Finally, top with sliced chili, and you can enjoy.

The dish is extremely attractive with the soft and chewy fish eye, combined with the delicious and sweet herbal broth. This is a very nutritious dish, suitable for you to cook and nourish your family on the weekend.

3 Stewed tuna eyes with green pepper

Mắt cá ngừ hầm tiêu xanh Stewed tuna eyes with green pepper

Fish eyes after cleaning are marinated with onions, minced garlic, seasoning seeds and for 10 minutes. Pork bones are washed, cleaned, and then stewed with , shallot, pepper and salt for 60 minutes and then filtered to get the broth. Bring the broth to a boil, then add green pepper and cook for 20 minutes until fragrant. Put in a pot of tuna eye broth, then season to taste and cook for another 10 minutes , then turn off the heat. Served with rare dip, and chili fish sauce.

When eating, you will fully feel the sweetness and sweetness of the tuna eyes, mixed with the pungent taste that awakens all the senses of green pepper, onion and accompanying ingredients . Stewed tuna eyes with green pepper makes a cold rainy day more cozy.

4 Steamed tuna eyes

Mắt cá ngừ chưng cách thủy Steamed tuna eyes

Tuna eyes are cleaned and then marinated with salt, pepper, and herbs for about 15 minutes. Put the marinated tuna eyes in a bowl and cook over medium heat for about 30 minutes. This method helps food cook by steam, from top to bottom. When eating, you open the lid to cool down, eat with it will be much more fragrant!

This is a specialty dish from Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen. Fatty and sweet tuna eyes are mixed with aromatic herbs , very nutritious and creating a feeling of relaxation after stressful studying and working hours.

5 Ocean tuna eye porridge

Cháo mắt cá ngừ đại dương Ocean tuna eye porridge

You stir-fry the purple onion with the water and cook until the rice swells. Remember to stir often, not burnt! Ginger you puree and then filter the water and marinate with tuna eyes. Next, you boil the fish's eyes in boiling water to prevent fishyness and then put it in the same pot and . Season to taste, then add scallions and serve.

Tuna eye porridge is simple, easy to cook and not picky. The mild, pleasant porridge with slightly fatty tuna eyes will bring you a light, easy-to-digest meal.

Above are 5 made from very attractive and nutritious tuna eyes for your reference. GREEN BHK wishes you and your family will have perfect moments with dishes made from tuna eyes!

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