Why are sea crabs tied with large, hydrated ropes when sold?

Have you ever wondered, why the seller ties big, hydrated ropes to sea crabs, does buying such crabs make a loss? Let's find out with us!


When buying sea crabs, you will see crabs tied with large, absorbent cloth ropes. Many people are not satisfied because they have to pay to buy those big and heavy lanyards. So why do crab sellers have to tie such big ropes, let’s find out through the following article with us!

1 Why are sea crabs tied with large, hydrated ropes when sold?

According to the explanation of the longtime sea crab seller, the reason for tying big cloth ropes, which are soaked in water, is to keep the crabs fresh for a long time. If you don’t tie a wet rope, the crab will be very susceptible to dry foot joints and very quickly die.

This wet rope, if mixed with water, can help crabs live for 4-5 days.

Besides, in addition to the moisturizing factor, the rope also helps crabs not to break their legs and legs when transported. If the crab is broken, it will be unsightly and cannot be sold.

Dây buộc có tác dụng giữ ẩm và giúp cua không bị gãy càng khi vận chuyển The lanyard has a moisturizing effect and helps the crabs not to break when transporting

2 Note when choosing to buy sea crabs

In fact, the crab seller has deducted the cost of the rope from the selling price of the crab, the small rope crab has a different price, the big rope crab has a different price, and the rope tied crab will be cheaper than the cordless crab.

If you are not satisfied with having to buy large tethered sea crabs, you can choose to buy untethered crabs. However, the price of this type will be quite high, but in return, the quality is free. So you should consider buying a satisfactory sea crab.

Chọn mua cua dây nhỏ hoặc không dây giá sẽ cao hơn Choose to buy small or wireless crabs, the price will be higher

In addition, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Try pressing on the crab cover, if it is hard, the crab is still fresh.
  • Choose crabs that have large and strong claws, crab bibs, and undersides that are orange or dark brown and glossy.
  • Choose crabs with big, long, and sturdy spines.

Lưu ý khi chọn mua cua biển Note when choosing to buy sea crabs

Above is the explanation for why sea crabs are tied with big ropes when selling that we want to send to you. Hope this article has brought you a lot of useful information.