Wild plants are famous specialties, in danger of losing their varieties

Bitter bamboo shoots are one of the specialties that can make many delicious dishes. However, this specialty is becoming increasingly rare. Let's learn about this famous wild plant!


People in the past thought that bamboo shoots were wild plants, so they destroyed them to grow acacia. Among these people who consumed a lot of bitter bamboo shoots are famous for their processing skills and tasty delicacies which can be processed into many products such as tea or foodstuff baskets with different flavors depending on how it’s cooked!

With local support, bitter bamboo shoots are gradually protected and restored. Let’s learn about famous specialty wild plants through the following article!

1 What are bitter bamboo shoots?

Bitter bamboo shoots are a type of tree belonging to the bamboo family. Bamboo shoots have a bitter or slightly bitter taste depending on the time of harvest. Bamboo shoots usually grow naturally and do not need care and cultivation. Bitter bamboo shoots are widely distributed in different provinces such as Lao Cai, Cao Bang, Nghe An. This is also one of the dishes that many diners love.

Bitter bamboo shoots have a bitter taste, and people who are not used to it may find it difficult to eat. However, many people love this unique taste of bitter bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots are grown everywhere and people here can pick them everywhere. According to the experience of the people here, the bitter bamboo shoots at the beginning of the season will have a sweeter and more bitter taste than the old ones.

Măng đắng thường mọc tự nhiên và không cần chăm sóc, trồng trọt Bitter bamboo shoots often grow naturally and do not need to be cared for and cultivated

Fresh bitter bamboo shoots grow best in the rainy season and are frugal. The processing of bitter bamboo shoots is also very simple. After picking bitter bamboo shoots from the mountain, they peeled, cut off the old part, cut into small pieces, boiled in water for about 1 hour and then processed into dishes.

Bitter bamboo shoots are familiar daily foods of ethnic minorities in the Northwest. The unique bitter taste of bitter bamboo shoots makes it hard for anyone to forget.

Vị đắng độc đáo của măng đắng khiến ai đã khó lòng quên được The unique bitter taste of bitter bamboo shoots makes it hard for anyone to forget

2 The effect of bitter bamboo shoots

Bitter bamboo shoots are a specialty of the new Northwest, processed into many different delicacies and loved by the people. Bitter bamboo shoots are rich and low, so many people use them for dietary purposes.

The use of fresh bitter bamboo shoots is often referred to as supporting the digestive process, supporting and treating constipation, and reducing cholesterol in the blood. Bitter bamboo shoots have anti-inflammatory properties and may help prevent cancer and other diseases. Strengthen the body’s immune system.

Tác dụng của măng đắng The effect of bitter bamboo shoots

Bitter bamboo shoots are used as a medicinal herb to help improve health, and supplement many, …. Bamboo shoots have a unique taste, a taste of the mountains that no one can forget.

3 Delicious dishes from bitter bamboo shoots

Stir-fried bamboo shoots with guise leaves

Stir-fried bamboo shoots with guise leaves is one of the unique dishes made from bitter bamboo shoots. The main ingredients are, bitter bamboo shoots, and spices. When you try it, you will feel the harmony of the ingredients when combined. This dish is guaranteed to make you addicted from the first bite.

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Fried frog with bamboo shoots

has long been considered a delicious and nutritious ingredient, so it is chosen by families for its dishes. There is nothing better than enjoying this dish on a cold rainy day. Not only that, but a fried frog with bamboo shoots also adds many necessary nutrients such as and. What are you waiting for, let’s start making fried frogs with bamboo shoots.

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Ếch xào măng Fried frog with bamboo shoots

Sour bamboo shoots

After being carefully prepared, it will be soaked with different ingredients such as salt, alum, etc. This dish is one of the ways that people use to preserve and enjoy bitter bamboo shoots.

Bamboo shoots after being soaked are crispy, not bitter, and have a sour taste, eaten with hot rice, extremely satisfying. If you have bitter bamboo shoots at home but don’t know what to do, try this suggestion!

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Măng chua Sour bamboo shoots

Above is the information about the specialty of bitter bamboo shoots that we want to bring to you. This is a rare specialty with a very special aftertaste. In addition, there are many interesting articles waiting for you to read, don’t miss them!