10 ways to clean the house and clean the floor quickly to welcome Tet

The Lunar New Year is coming and cleaning the house also makes many people interested. The most typical is how to clean the house clean and bright. Immediately refer to 10 ways to clean the house and clean the floor quickly to welcome Tet.


1 Clean the floor of the living room

How to clean the house with warm water

You can use warm water mixed with a little soap to clean the floor. When doing this, you should note that you only need a little soap, avoid using too much because it will make you slippery when wiping. In addition, you should wipe it one more time with clean water to make sure the floor is no longer soapy.

Cách lau nhà sạch bằng nước ấm

How to clean the house with vinegar

Using vinegar diluted with warm water also helps you remove stains on the floor. To limit the smell of vinegar, you should dilute a floor cleaning solution, such as 1/2 cup of vinegar with 3 liters of warm water or more. Proceed to wipe the floor, then wipe again with clean water to completely remove the vinegar smell.

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How to clean the house with baking soda

Baking soda can also make your floors shiny by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Dissolve the baking soda powder with water, stir the mixture well before using.

Step 2: Then, wipe the entire floor area with cold water. At the same time, pay attention to areas where stains are difficult to clean.

Step 3: You use baking soda solution, rub it on the stain on the floor until the stain disappears.

Step 4: Wipe the entire floor with clean water one more time.

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How to clean the floor with a lead eraser?

Lead eraser is a familiar tool used in stationery, but few people know that a lead eraser also works to clean the floor. This method only applies to stains created from the mortar layer – between brick joints in the floor (for newly built houses).

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2 Clean toilet floors, dirty floors

Kill mold, moss stains on the floor

Floors that are not cleaned for a long time will easily generate green moss and mold that cause unpleasant odors. To fix it, you can use a specialized detergent with extremely strong bleaching properties and sweep it directly on the mold stain. Note, should wear when performing to protect the skin of your hands.

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Remove stains on the floor

Stubborn stains that cause stains on the floor can be mentioned as smoke, curry stains, food colors,… To fix you can use a little hydrogen peroxide diluted with water and sweep directly. onto the stain. Hydrogen peroxide will help remove stains and return your floors to a beautiful clean shine.

Tẩy các vết ố bẩn trên sàn nhà

Remove rust stains

Rust stains are very stubborn stains, difficult to clean and unsightly your home. You can use a little lemon to rub on the rust really hard, the acid in the lemon will work to dislodge the rust in the most perfect way.

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Clean grease stains

Grease stains on the floor make it difficult to move. At this time, avoid using it to clean the floor, instead you should sprinkle flour, or rice flour on the floor. Next, use a broom to sweep, and proceed with normal cleaning.

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Remove stains in nooks and crannies of the floor

Stains located deep in the floor crevices or nooks in the house will be difficult to clean regularly and over time will become stubborn stains. To treat, you can use hydrogen peroxide with lime and sweep it directly on the dirty spot to be cleaned.

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Cleaning gum stains

Gasoline is the best way to get rid of gum stains on the floor. You just need to use a dry cloth soaked in gasoline and rub vigorously on the gum stain to be able to completely dislodge it. Do not forget to wipe it with water to remove the smell of gasoline.

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Hopefully the information shared above will help you quickly clean up the stains and stains on the floor surface to prepare for the upcoming Tet holidays.