11 effective ways to repel flies in the summer you should "pocket" right away

Flies are insects that make women very uncomfortable when they appear in the house and land on food, which can lead to many health problems. Here are 11 effective ways to repel flies to help bring fresh air to your home. Let's consult Green Machine now!


1 Repel flies by hanging plastic bags of water

This is a very popular and simple way to get rid of flies. You need to put water in a plastic bag and hang it where you want to repel flies, flies will be afraid to come near because plastic bags will reflect light and flies are compound eyes, each eye has thousands of tiny lenses. However, this method only helps you to repel flies during the day.

Đuổi ruồi bằng cách treo túi nilong đựng nước

2 Repel flies with lemongrass and mint essential oils

Flies hate the scent of essential oils such as lemongrass, mint, lavender,… You need to prepare lemongrass essential oil, you can replace it with other essential oils and mix with half a cup of hot water , then put in a spray bottle or let the scent spread throughout the house.

Not only will this keep you away from flies, but it will also help you keep your indoor space smelling fresh and smelling fresh. The essential oil diffuser helps to spread the aromas everywhere in the room, bringing a sense of relaxation and deodorizing the air.

Máy khuếch tán tinh dầu

3 Chase away flies with orange peels

Orange peel not only helps you fight motion sickness but also repels flies very effectively thanks to its aroma. You just need to put the orange peel in a place where there are many flies, they will certainly not dare to come near.

Đuổi ruồi bằng vỏ cam

4 Use camphor to repel flies

Camphor is a fragrant waxy substance that not only repels cockroaches, but also repels flies. You can buy it at the market, supermarket, drugstore, etc. You give a few camphor tablets where there are many flies.

In addition, you can mix a few camphor tablets in a bowl of warm water, put in a spray bottle and spray all over the house, the smell of camphor will diffuse into the air and spread everywhere to help you repel flies effectively.

Sử dụng long não để đuổi ruồi

5 Repel flies with washing powder and chili powder

You mix washing powder and chili powder together, put it in a spray bottle and spray it in the space where flies often fly, the flies will quickly stay away because the hot chili powder makes the flies not dare to come near.

Đuổi ruồi bằng bột giặt và bột ớt

6 Chase away flies with black pepper and milk and sugar

First you need to prepare three teaspoons of pepper, a quarter of a liter of fresh milk and a teaspoon of sugar in a small pot and start heating it for 5-10 minutes (low heat), let it cool and put it in. a bowl. Flies will be attracted to enter and quickly destroyed.

Đuổi ruồi bằng hạt tiêu đen và sữa, đườn

7 Repel flies with vinegar

Vinegar is very attractive to flies because of its sour taste, you mix a little vinegar with small dish soap or a bottle with a plastic funnel in your mouth and leave it in a place where many flies pass, after a while, the flies will definitely be trapped. and drowned.

Besides, you can mix vinegar with a little dish soap in a plastic bottle and spray in the corners where flies are located, this solution will repel flies quickly and effectively.

Đuổi ruồi bằng giấm

8 Use vodka to kill flies

If you have vodka in your home, this way will repel flies very easily and effectively. You prepare 1 cup of vodka, 1 teaspoon of aloe vera juice and 2 teaspoons of lemon eucalyptus oil (you can substitute other essential oils).

You mix all the above mixtures into a spray bottle, you can spray on your skin or anywhere where flies live.

Dùng rượu vodka để diệt ruồi

9 Chase away flies with lemons

Similar to how to repel flies with orange peels, you use lemon peels in places where flies often fly, the scent of lemon peels will help you repel flies quickly.

Đuổi ruồi bằng chanh

10 Repel flies with plastic bottles and sugar water or ripe bananas

This way you reuse old plastic bottles, you cut a third of the plastic bottle, turn the top of the plastic bottle to the bottom. Next, you put some sugar and half a banana in the bottom of the bottle, flies are easily attracted to this marriage and easily trapped.

Đuổi ruồi với chai nhựa và nước đường hoặc chuối chín

11 Keep the house clean

To limit the breeding of flies, you need to keep the living space clean. Specifically, you need to clean up the leftovers, after eating, you should wash the dishes, don't leave them for too long because the flies will sniff and fly.

Besides, you should use lids to not attract flies and keep foods and foods carefully preserved in the refrigerator.

Vệ sinh nhà cửa sạch sẽ

Above are 11 effective ways to repel flies in the summer. Any questions please leave a comment below!